IT’S HAPPENING: Georgia County Audit Uncovers ‘Double-Scanned Ballots’

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Georgia County audit exposes multiple double scanned ballots for Biden

The audit of the 2020 election results in Fulton County, Georgia, has revealed numerous batches of ballots that were double-counted, according to reports.

An indepdent forensic election audit team has been studying ballot images in Fulton County.

On Wednesday they announced via a video that multiple instances of voter fraud have been found.


The issue with double-ballot counting is that it adds weight to a video which claims to show Fulton County election workers running stacks of ballots through tabulators.

A video recording taken at State Farm Arena late election night showed workers dragging out boxes of ballots from under a table after election observers were sent home early.

Then they ran stacks of ballots through tabulators multiple times for unknown reasons. reports: After the release of thousands of ballot images under a Georgia state law that has made them available to the public, the mainstream media has finally conceded that hundreds of double-scanned ballots were cast in Fulton County in the 2020 election.

“Digital ballot images made public under Georgia’s new voting law show nearly 200 ballots — including one for [Kanye] West — that election officials initially scanned two times last fall before a recount,” the left-leaning Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Tuesday.

“The discovery of identical ballots provides evidence to back up allegations of problems in the presidential election, but on a relatively small scale that had no bearing on the final certified count,” AJC baselessly claims. “A group of voters seeking to prove the election was fraudulent say double-counting is just the beginning of what they hope to find.”

“Double-counted ballots were discovered by voters suing Fulton in an effort to persuade a judge to allow them to conduct an in-depth inspection of 147,000 absentee ballots,” the report continued. “The judge ruled against the plaintiffs last month, but the case survived with new claims filed against the county’s five election board members.”

AJC reported it could only find 27 votes double-cast for Biden in Fulton County, but independent audit investigators claim to have found more examples of election malfeasance.

“If we’re finding this in Fulton County, we’re probably going to find it throughout the state. The question is, why did it happen?” said David Cross, who is working with the plaintiffs. “The simple fact that it happened and we found it here means that it probably occurred elsewhere.”

Heather Mullins of Real America’s Voice pointed to more disturbing findings.

“More evidence from VoterGa shows audit tally sheets were marked entirely for Joe Biden despite having votes for Donald Trump and Jo Jorgensen in those batches,” Mullins said. “Must watch!”

The investigators appeared to have found a disparity in the batch counting of 100 votes for Biden and 22 for Trump; Trump’s votes do not appear to be marked in the tally and those votes were marked for Biden. The investigators appeared to have found a disparity in the batch counting of 100 votes for Biden and 22 for Trump; Trump’s votes do not appear to be marked in the tally and those votes were marked for Biden. The audit team points to other examples.

The difference in the Georgia election statewide was a mere 12,000 votes. Fulton County went overwhelmingly for Biden: 73% of the total vote and 79% of absentee ballots.

Tucker Carlson is also about to announce what he claims is new evidence of “voter fraud” in the 2020 election. The news was reported by the Washington Examiner’s Deputy Editor Daniel Chaitin.

Tucker Carlson will reportedly be doing an Election Fraud “special” on Wednesday. The new evidence would add to numerous discovered issues with Fulton County election.


  1. Make sure you have plenty of guns and ammo. These Communists won’t give up power easily. They will wage war on America to stay in power.

    • America was simply set up from the start to be as Winston Churchill described it “America is put barracks” And England got to kerp its image untarnished by passing the buck Nothing is what it seems.

  2. So? More news to sell advertising More “freedom of the press” illusions and more democratic freedom disinformation and
    basically deception. Its not going to change the Supreme decision.

  3. Its a shame it takes 8 months to find this apparent cheating out. We have the template figured out now on how to audit the election, all 50 states need scrutiny.

    Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvannia, Michigan, we need to start putting those who certified these results in jail and work our way up from there.

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