VIDEO: Young Mountain Lion Rescued In California Fire

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Volunteer firefighters haven’t just been saving domestic animals from the fire danger in Northern California.  A group of firemen recently extended their kindness to a young mountain lion.

From GeoBeats News:

The wildfires currently tearing through California are taking a toll on local wildlife.

A young mountain lion was rescued by Butte Fire volunteers as they attempted to evacuate domestic animals in Calaveras County on September 14th.  The kitten appeared emaciated and injured as crews found it walking around the area they were working.

In the state the cat was found, it was apparently easy to capture.

The baby lion was first taken to a local veterinarian and is currently receiving care from a state veterinarian with the California Department of Fish and

Wildlife at the Wildlife Investigation Lab in Rancho Cordova. Pictures of the young cat—and the care it’s receiving—were posted to the department’s Facebook page.

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