Voter Fraud: Four Identical Mail-In Ballots Pictured In California

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Four identical mail-in ballots pictures in California

A photograph showing four ballots with the exact same voter identifier has surfaced in California, adding credibility to rumors that voter fraud runs rampant in the state.

All four ballots say Count: 421, VBMP (Vote-by-mail-permit) 164325, Extract 15. They are also labeled as “official ballots” for the general election in Alameda County for election day, Nov. 6 2018. reports: Vice President and co-founder of Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa) Ruth Weiss examined the photo depicting the mail in ballots.

“It does seem odd to me that the identifier on the left-hand side of the envelope is the same. That would imply not that this voter is registered four different times but that somehow four identical ballots were printed for a single voter. That would suggest a glitch with the vendor,” she told Big League Politics.

James Bradley, a U.S. Senate candidate from California told Big League Politics that the state has passed a law allowing for mail-in and provisional ballots to be machine counted.

Previously, the signatures on such ballots had to be individually verified in order for the ballots to be counted.

Since the safeguard of signature verification was nullified, Democratic mail-ins and provisionals have vastly increased, according to Bradley.

Thus, it is entirely possible that all four of these ballots were mailed in, run through a machine, and counted.



  1. I’ve lived in Calif all my life and can’t believe we voted Dems in. If truth was known, at least 76% of us don’t want illegals here and thatis from a poll from 2 yrs ago, its far more now. I figured there was election fraud going on and now I know how the Dems stayed in office, hoping this gets exposed in a HUGE way.

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