Hollywood Blames Trump for El Paso Shooting: ‘POTUS Bares Responsibility’

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Hollywood blames Trump for El Paso shooting

A chorus of Hollywood actors blame President Donald Trump and Republicans for Saturday’s shooting in El Paso, Texas.

A number of far-left elitists reacted to the shooting by not only blaming the President but also demanding that Congress restrict the Second Amendment for law-abiding citizens.

“I’m sick of: ‘my thoughts and prayers’ they do nothing to stop the slaughter of innocent Americans at work and play. We need to have gun control now!! Not one more life should be lost to senseless preventable gun shootings!” John Wick actor John Leguizamo wrote on Twitter.

“I blame trump! His hate speech is triggering all this violence against Latinx in America! Shameful and horrorful!”

“Another mass shooting. Another White Nationalist. There are not “fine people on both sides”. The President of the United States bears responsibility.” Rob Reiner said.

“This is a public health crisis. Hold your lawmakers responsible,” Julianne Moore tweeted.


Breitbart.com reports: NBC reports that at least 19 people have been killed and another 40 have been injured.

Breitbart News reports:

Medical officials in El Paso report 13 adults and two children who arrived at the University Medical Center and 11 adults at Del Sol Medical Center. KTSM reported.

UMC officials report one of their 13 patients died and one was released. The others remain in critical condition. Four people were immediately taken into surgery.

The two children, ages two and nine, were transported to El Paso Children’s Hospital, officials stated. Their condition has not been released.

Nevertheless, left-wing Hollywood stars took a horrific and deadly massacre and made it about politics. Below is the latest Hollywood hate.

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