Man Releases Photos Inside WTC 7 Proving Controlled Demolition Theory

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Man releases images of inside WTC 7 moments before it is brought down by controlled demolition

A US tourist has released a series of photographs taken inside World Trade Center 7 just moments before it collapsed – which proves the controlled demolition theory.

With the tower having collapsed at the speed of gravity straight down, demolition style, when the only thing that damaged the building was fire – experts have long believed it must have been brought down using controlled explosives.

Now we have the evidence. reports: These photos were taken unbelievably enough, inside the tower before it collapsed.

This was taken by a US tourist, and it was the first to show what was actually going on inside the tower.

Firemen were cheered as they fought to get up the 100 story skyscraper. One person said:

“By the time they reached the 30th floor they were already bushed, you could tell. We would cheer them as they went past, but we were glad to be going the other way.”

A cloud of dust that would come to be known as toxic permeated the scene. The tourists’ photos display people desperately running the wrong way down escalators, fighting to reach the ground, sprinting as far away from the building’s dust as possible.

Other footage of building 7 collapsing is incredibly suspicious:

To pay respect to the victims of this tragedy and all the victims in wars of aggression that followed it, here’s a documentary that explores a different facet of the 9/11 mystery: the money trail.

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