William Shatner Slams DNC: I Would Never Vote For That Corrupt Party

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William Shatner slams Hillary Clinton, demanding she stop pretending he voted for her

William Shatner has blasted the Democratic National Committee after they falsely claimed the Star Trek star was a Democrat supporter.

Candidate Brandy K. Chambers sent out a campaign newsletter featuring a photograph of herself with Mr. Shatner, implying to voters that he was a registered Democrat.

Foxnews.com reports: Chambers, who is hoping to unseat Republican Angie Chen Button, said she included the photo as a way to endear herself to voters.

“If you think a grown woman going to Comic-Con and getting geeked out when she sees Captain Kirk is not what you want in a leader, that’s fine, too. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not for everybody,” she wrote in her newsletter.

The image circulated until it reached Shatner on Saturday. The 86-year-old actor tweeted at Chambers that her use of the convention photo misleadingly suggests an “endorsement” on his part. He then told her to “remove my photo” and “destroy all copies of whatever this is immediately.”

“Am I clear?” Shatner added.


Chambers apologized from her personal account saying “it was clear from the context of the photo” that she wasn’t trying to imply his endorsement, merely her respect for the actor. She added that she doesn’t remember signing any waivers or disclosure agreements when she bought the photo.

Chambers deleted a tweet linking to the newsletter, calling the ordeal “distracting” and “stressful,” the Dallas Morning News reported.

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