Far-Left Leader Openly Calls for ‘Abolition of the United States as We Know It’

Fact checked
Far-left domestic terrorist openly calls for the abolition of the United States as we know it

At a rally marking the 50th day of protests in Portland, one of the event’s lead speakers openly called for the “abolition of the United States as we know it” during her extremist speech. 

Black Lives Matter activist, Lilith Sinclair, who describes herself as an “afro-indigenous non-binary local organizer,” warned the crowd she is not just “organizing for the abolition of the militarized police state.”

She admitted that she also wants the “abolition of the United States as we know it.”

Lilith’s vow to destroy the United States as we know it was met with eruptious cheers and applause from the crowd.

Lilith also claimed Portland was “stolen land,” and instructed the crowd to carry out a “land acknowledgment.”


Lilith labels herself as a “Black and Indigenous queer, non-binary femme sex worker.”

She also identifies as “AFAB,” which means “assigned female at birth.”

Lilith talked about a “global uprising” in an interview published last month:

“I think it’s apt that we are looking at a global uprising against oppressive structures during the month where we celebrate the anniversary of another uprising—another movement to not just ask for but to demand our rights,” she said.

Following her speech, domestic terrorists launched fireworks and set off smoke bombs near the Portland Police Bureau.


Rioters then attempted to barricade the Justice Center and the Internal Revenue Service building.