‘Woke’ NY School Now Demanding Parents Become ‘White Traitors’

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NY school demands parents become white traitors

The principal of a New York school sent white parents a manifesto that demanded they become “white traitors” and advocate for full “white abolition.”

“This is the new language of public education,” tweeted Christopher F. Rufo alongside an image showing “the 8 white identities,” which range from “white supremacist” to “white abolition.”

The accompanying text in the manifesto sent to parents defines the behavior white people must practice in order to put an end to “the regime of whiteness.”

Summit.news reports: The two final stages, “white traitor” and “white abolitionist,” demands that white people “subvert white authority,” “dismantle institutions,” dismantle whiteness and not allow whiteness to reassert itself.

As Glenn Greenwald pointed out, this is yet another example of how political correctness isn’t about “just being nice to people” as progressives constantly claim.

“I was just reading on smart-liberal media Twitter earlier today that “wokeness” signifies nothing more than asking people to please just be nice and considerate. Who could possibly be opposed to that?” he tweeted.

Teaching of such self-hatred is now becoming commonplace in schools as kids are brainwashed that they’re inherently bad for being born white.

As we highlighted earlier this month, the San Francisco Chronicle published an article by a public school teacher which asserted that Bernie Sanders’ inauguration mittens were a symbol of “white privilege.”

Last year, we revealed how children at an elementary school in Virginia are being taught that traits such as “objectivity” and “perfectionism” are ‘racist’ characteristics of “white supremacy.”

Meanwhile, school districts across America are eliminating grading standards in order to “combat racism”.

The move was announced in San Diego after it was revealed that just 7% of D or F grades are handed out to white students, while 23% went to Native Americans, 23% of failing grades went to Hispanics and 20% went to black students.

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