Ghislaine Maxwell Will ‘Name Names’ to Avoid 35 Years in Prison, Says Epstein’s Former Boss

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Ghislaine Maxwell "knows everything" and will be 'fully co-operating' with the FBI and 'naming names' to avoid spending the rest of her life in prison, says Jeffrey Epstein's former boss.

Ghislaine Maxwell will be ‘fully co-operating‘ with the FBI and ‘naming names’ to avoid being sent to prison until she is 93 years old, according to Jeffrey Epstein’s former boss who adds that Epstein’s pals including Prince Andrew and others are ‘very worried‘ about what she will reveal to save her skin.

If convicted on all counts, Maxwell is facing 35 years in prison at a maximum, meaning she’d be 93 by the time she is released. 

Maxwell’s arrest on multiple sex-trafficking charges yesterday has raised hopes among victims that prosecutors will untangle a ‘spider web‘ of elite sex offenders and pedophiles connected to Epstein and Maxwell.

The disgraced daughter of late British media baron Robert Maxwell was arrested at a $1million home in New Hampshire and later appeared in federal court by video-link. 

She is now awaiting transfer to New York to face charges of procuring underage girls for Epstein and associates to sexually abuse — and is set to be held in the same Manhattan jail where Epstein died last year. 

Audrey Strauss, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, gestures as she speaks during a news conference to announce charges against Ghislaine Maxwell for her alleged role in the sexual exploitation and abuse of multiple minor girls by Jeffrey Epstein, Thursday, July 2, 2020, in New York.

DailyMail report: The latest twist in the case has ramped up the pressure on Andrew to testify about his relationship with Epstein and Maxwell, but sources close to the Duke say they are ‘bewildered’ because he has repeatedly offered to help.   

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the Epstein accuser who dragged Andrew into the mire by claiming she had sex with him in the early 2000s, last night celebrated Maxwell’s arrest and called her an ‘insidious creature‘ who deserved to be locked up. Andrew denies her allegations, saying he has no recollection of meeting Miss Roberts.

 Maxwell was picked up by the FBI and NYPD detectives at 8.30am at the property in Bradford, New Hampshire, she had bought in December 2019 using a limited liability company called Granite LLC to shield her name.

Speaking to The Sun, Epstein’s former employer Steven Hoffenberg said the paedophile’s ex-girlfriend Maxwell ‘knows everything‘ and will ‘totally co-operate‘ after her arrest. 

Hoffenberg, a convicted fraudster who employed Epstein at Towers Financial in the 1980s, said ‘there’s a lot of people very worried‘ about what Maxwell could reveal. ‘She’s going to cooperate and be very important. Andrew is definitely, definitely concerned,‘ Hoffenberg said. 

On Thursday, a source close to the Duke of York’s legal team told that he was ‘bewildered‘ by prosecutors’ remarks that they wanted to speak to him.   

The Duke’s team remains bewildered given that we have twice communicated with the DOJ in the last month and to-date, we have had no response.

On Thursday, Acting US Attorney Audrey Strauss said the investigation into Epstein’s decades of abuse is ongoing and that she’d ‘welcome‘ Prince Andrew ‘coming in to provide a statement’, prompting speculation that he may among people investigators may focus their attention on next.

We would welcome Prince Andrew coming in to talk to us. We would like to have the benefit of his statement. Our doors remain open. We would welcome him coming in and giving us an opportunity to hear his statement,’ she said. 

It opens the door to questions of jurisdiction and whether or not US Attorney Strauss may charge for alleged incidents that happened in London and not America. Among the claims in the indictment is that Maxwell groomed one of the victims in London. At her press conference, Strauss said some of the sexual abuse also happened at Maxwell’s house in London. 

US attorney Lisa Bloom, who represents one of Maxwell’s accusers, said ‘all others accused of enabling Jeffrey Epstein’s predations must immediately be brought to justice as well’.  

Maxwell’s brutal, ruthless behaviour caused my client tremendous pain,‘ Ms Bloom said in a statement, adding that she and her client applauded the socialite’s ‘long overdue arrest‘. 

Maxwell has an astonishing network of high profile friends and acquaintances. She is shown at Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding as former president Bill Clinton walks his daughter down the aisle.

One Epstein accuser, Michelle Licata, has previously voiced hopes that prosecutors looking into Epstein were ‘going to start digging into his life… and start pulling out this spider web of people that were related to it‘, according to the New York Post

Former federal prosecutor Jessica Roth told Bloomberg: ‘There is no way for prosecutors to present a case against her without going into all the evidence they had against Epstein, because the charges here are intertwined.

The original indictment against Jeffrey Epstein made it clear that he didn’t act alone and that the government had evidence that other people were also involved.’ 

Celebrating Maxwell’s arrest, Prince Andrew’s accuser, Roberts said last night: ‘Thank you to the FBI, Southern District of New York and anyone involved in the arrest of this insidious creature. Hope the judge throws the book at her. So so so happy- she’s finally where she belongs.’

The 36-year-old’s claims against Andrew are not part of the charges against Maxwell and a judge ordered them struck from court records in a separate case in 2015, without ruling on their veracity. 

However, Miss Roberts is relevant to the charges because Maxwell is accused of perjury by claiming during a lawsuit against her in 2016 that she had no involvement in procuring underage girls. 

Andrew, 60, has been at loggerheads with US prosecutors for months after they claimed he was failing to co-operate with their Epstein probe. 

The Duke’s lawyers say he has offered to help on ‘at least three occasions this year’ but US officials claim he has ‘repeatedly declined our request’ for an interview.  

Royal commentators say the discrepancy may lie in the nature of the offer, with Andrew’s lawyers offering a ‘witness statement‘ while former US attorney Geoffrey Berman made it clear he was seeking an ‘interview‘.  

Andrew’s last verbal interview on the subject – his BBC Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis – was widely seen as a disaster and led to his resignation from public life just days later. 

The prince was criticised for failing to show any empathy towards Epstein’s victims, and many of his explanations attracted ridicule. In a subsequent statement he said he ‘regretted my ill-judged association with Jeffrey Epstein’ and ‘deeply sympathised with everyone who has been affected‘. 

Of course, I am willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations, if required,’ he said at the time. 

The issue was thrown into further confusion last month when Berman was fired by the Trump administration in a separate row.   

Prosecutors renewed their appeal for Andrew to give evidence as they announced the charges against Maxwell yesterday, saying that ‘we would welcome Prince Andrew coming in to talk with us’.  

US lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents some of Epstein’s victims, said yesterday: ‘It is long overdue for Prince Andrew to stop making excuses and to stop playing the victim. He should contact the FBI immediately and agree to appear for an interview.‘ 

A source close to the Duke said Andrew was ‘bewildered’ by the latest pressure, saying: ‘We have twice communicated with the DOJ in the last month and to date we have had no response.’ 

Asked about the Duke in an LBC radio interview today, Boris Johnson declined to say how Britain would respond if US authorities make an approach to interview Andrew. 

No such approach has been made and otherwise it really is a matter for the royal family,’ the PM said.  

Andrew’s legal representatives are adamant that the Duke ‘is not and has never been a target’ of the criminal investigations and that US prosecutors are seeking his help as a witness. He denies any wrongdoing. 

The prince was friends with Epstein and Maxwell during the 2000s but said in the BBC interview that he never witnessed or suspected any of Epstein’s crimes.

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