Poll Reveals Trump Would Win Election by Landslide if Held Today; 1 in 10 Democrats Regret Voting for Biden

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Trump would win election by landslide if held today, stunning new poll reveals

A stunning new poll reveals that 1 in 10 Democrats deeply regret voting for Biden in the 2020 Presidential election, and if the same election were held today Donald Trump would win in a massive landslide.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 12 percent of “Moderates” also regret votoing for Biden, and 14 percent of Black Americans wish they had never voted for him.

According to the survey, just 37 percent said they would vote for Joe Biden if the same election were held today, down from 45 percent who said they did. A whopping forty-three percent said they would vote for Donald Trump.

Thenationalpulse.com reports: The Rasmussen Reports numbers shine a new light on just how poorly Joe Biden has performed in his first few months as President of the United States.

The Details.

  • Just 37 percent of voters say they would vote for Biden today;
  • 13 percent of Democrats say they would vote for Trump today;
  • Moderate voters support for Biden has plummeted 13 points, while Trump has gained;
  • 11 percent of 18-39 year olds regret their 2020 vote;
  • 14 percent of Black Americans regret their 2020 vote;
  • 9 percent of Democrats regret their 2020 vote;
  • 12 percent of Moderates regret their 2020 vote.

Read the Crosstabs:

Joe Biden’s approval numbers continue to decline, while numbers from Real Clear Politics reveal that while up to 55 percent of Americans thought the country was on the right track in March, that number has plummeted to 31 percent today.

On Tuesday, President Obama’s Director of Global Engagement called for the firing of Biden National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, following on from the Afghanistan debacle.

“President Biden needs to fire his national security adviser and several other senior leaders who oversaw the botched execution of our withdrawal from Afghanistan,” the former diplomat wrote.

“Those he has chosen for key positions have repeatedly failed to challenge their own assumptions. It sadly led to the most unnecessarily embarrassing day in the history of the National Security Council (NSC).”

Like many other Biden appointees, Jake Sullivan has worked closely with Chinese Communist Party influence groups and think-tanks.

Sullivan has previously called for “China’s rise” – a goal aided by his failure in Afghanistan.


  1. Question is, how to prevent another fraudulent election? I seriously doubt that it can be prevented.

  2. … he may win in a landslide if there is no Dominion involved because most thinking people know he won in a landslide in 2020 but there was the Dominion factor and until that is removed, yeah not gonna happen

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