Drugging and Raping Young Men Is Just a ‘Kink’, Claims Hillary Clinton’s Friend Ed Buck

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Clinton donor Ed Buck faces accusations of drugging, raping and killing multiple male victims

Defense attorneys for Democrat megadonor Ed Buck want his convictions for providing the drugs that killed two men in his West Hollywood apartment overturned.

Ed Buck, who is a close friend of the Clintons and Adam Schiff, has instructed his attorneys to argue that the government “kink-shamed” him by pointing the jury towards his deranged “sexual fetishes“, that involved providing methamphetamine to young black male escorts.

You read that correctly. The Democrat megadonor is claiming that drugging and raping young men is merely a “kink” and he should be be held responsible for their deaths.

According to Buck, who was convicted in July last year of nine felonies involving the deaths of multiple male prostitutes during a drug-fuelled orgy, he was “kink-shamed” in effort to obscure the lack of proof supporting the charges, according to documents obtained Friday by City News Service.

Buck was convicted not on the prosecution’s drug distribution evidence, but on “extremely prejudicial and irrelevant character evidence, which included a concerted effort to kink-shame Mr. Buck by presenting graphic images and videos of his sexual fetishes,” defense attorney Mark J. Werksman wrote in papers filed Thursday.

The impact was “so damaging that on day four of the nine-day trial, it prompted the Court to suggest that as a result of the `ongoing psychological impact’ this evidence may have on the jury,” counseling may be offered at the conclusion of the case, according to Werksman.

A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office declined comment.

City News Service

NationalFile report: An attorney for Buck wrote that the two men, Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean, suffered multiple underlying medical conditions that caused their deaths, not the methamphetamine they ingested.

Buck’s attorney later called for the conviction to be overturned, arguing that “kink-shaming” resulted in the conviction. Not drug distribution evidence, but “prejudicial and irrelevant character evidence, which included a concerted effort to kink-shame Mr. Buck by presenting graphic images and videos of his sexual fetishes,” led to Buck’s conviction, argued defense attorney Mark J. Werksman.

Rep. Adam Schiff and Ed Buck (center) outside a house in California.
Rep. Adam Schiff and Ed Buck (center) outside a house in California.

Last July, a federal jury found Buck guilty of nine felony counts he was facing in connection with the drug overdose deaths. The prosecution presented evidence that Buck engaged in a pattern of soliciting men to consume drugs that he provided and perform sexual activities at his apartment.

In these sessions, Buck distributed drugs, including methamphetamine. In some instances, Buck injected victims with drugs without their knowledge.

Evidence including photos and survivors’ testimony detailing the drugs-and-sex sessions caused some spectators to look away or leave the courtroom, according to My News L.A. Another victim said Buck would “feed off the energy” of his victims.

Buck was ultimately convicted of two counts of distribution of controlled substances resulting in death, stemming from the deaths of Moore in July 2017 and Dean in January 2019.

Ed Buck is a former political donor who gave over $500,000 to prominent Democrats. A hearing to discuss the acquittal motion is scheduled for March 28, with sentencing expected one week later. Buck faces between 20 years to life in federal prison.

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  1. He looks like he was a big dealer for someone That sleazy apartment block and he “donated” 500.000 bucks to the Democrats? Hello Something s pretty sus there. What’s the real story about his democratic involvement? I’ll bet any money he’s tied into massive drug trafficking money laundering pefophulia rings too. Someone living there could dig up a best seller, I’d suggest from hanging out and snooping around in the local haunts

    • And that 500,000 that the article says gave 100 dollars to the DAs office in thinking meant to say 100k to the DA.?
      Was it payola for their services to the drug trafficking rackets really? Their slice of the pie laundered through him to them as a well respected member of the democratic donors club?

  2. all these people worked for Clintons were child rapist. bird of a feather flock together. Pizza Gate was as real as it gets.

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