BBC: Ukraine Sending Teens ‘With Three Days Training’ To Defend Kyiv

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Teenage volunteers, who’ve only had three days training, are being deployed to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

In an article titled ‘Uni to uniform- Ukraine’s new teenage army recruits’ a BBC correspondent claims he spoke to a group of volunteers “in their late teens, not long out of school” who told him “that after three days’ basic training they would head for the front line…or very close to it.”

Breitbart reports: The correspondent, Jeremy Bowen, described the volunteers as a somewhat ragtag band wearing ill-fitting knee pads and, in one case, carrying a yoga mat — but found two of them properly kitted out in military uniforms, body armour, and helmets after catching up with them at a checkpoint days later.

18-year-old economics student Dmytro Kisilenko told the British journalist he was “used to my gun” and had “learned how to shoot and how to act in the battle, also many other things that will be very crucial in the fight with the Russians” as he manned a checkpoint stocked with Molotov cocktails, just a few miles behind the professional soldiery on the frontline.

Kisilenko admitted that “of course deeply in my soul I feel a bit scared, as no one wants to die, even if it’s for your country” and that his father had advised him not to go out of his way to try and be a hero.

Meanwhile, his 19-year-old companion, biology student Maksym Lutsyk, said his few days of training had left him “much more confident”, believing that he now had “enough knowledge in tactics, in martial arts, in tactical medicine and in how to do something on the battlefield.”

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