Joe Biden To Announce He Will Run For A Second Term As US President

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden is set to announce that he will run for a second term as US president, according to US media reports.

No this is not satire…..

Biden’s advisers are reprtedly planning to launch his re-election campaign as soon as next Tuesday.

CNN reports: Biden’s small circle of close-knit advisers and allies are preparing for a video announcement Tuesday that would coincide with the anniversary of Biden’s 2019 campaign announcement, according to four sources familiar with the matter.

Advisers inside and outside the White House caution that timing could still change, pending unforeseen events, but a decision has been reached that it is “no longer helpful or necessary to not just say the obvious: He’s running,” a senior Democratic official told CNN.

Both sentimental and fond of an anniversary, Biden has signed off on a plan to formalize his intentions as soon as Tuesday, four years after he stepped back into public service to launch his campaign in 2019.

The Washington Post first reported Biden’s plans for next week.

The importance of the connection to the anniversary and the fact that it would come just days before the first major donor gathering next Friday have made the possibility increasingly likely, one of the people said.


  1. Well if this look alike senile replacement actor is again president, you at least know your voting system is rigged by your shadow puppeteers. How any of this is legal aniway your president is dead, this is his look a like for emergency uses. But he is senile too, why is Hunter still free and running with all the evidence against him. At this point i think you need to remove nearly everything and should start new its beyond repair.

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