Aurora Survivors Ordered To Pay $700,000 In Legal Fees To Theater

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Aurora massacre survivors told to pay $700,000 in legal fees to theater

A Colorado District Court judge has ordered that most of the Aurora shooting victims must pay nearly $700,000 in legal fees to the theater the shooting took place in. 

Families of victims who filed a lawsuit against Cinemark, the company that operated the Aurora theater in which 12 people were shot dead and 70 others injured by James Holmes, lost a trial in May that claimed the theater chain was responsible for the massacre due to their lack of security. reports:

According to the Los Angles Times, the jury decided the movie theater could not have foreseen the events of that night, therefore it is not liable for the shooting.

Cinemark submitted a bill of costs to the court, asking the families to pay almost $700,000 for legal fees.

A judge ordered four of the survivors who filed the suit to pay for the costly legal fees.