Funeral Homes In Fully-Vaccinated Norway ‘Overwhelmed’ With Corpses

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Funeral homes in fully-vaccinated Norway are being flooded with vaccinated corpses as a result of Norway’s skyrocketing excess mortality rate. Norway is one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world, with the average Norwegian having received more than two Covid-19 jabs.

The number of people needing funeral services in Trondheim City, Central Norway, has risen dramatically in the past twelve months, according to the local newspaper Dagbladet Trondheim.

Lars Svanholm, the fourth-generation general manager of Trondheim’s largest funeral home, Svanholm & Vigdal Gravferd, has said that the funeral home’s century-long history has never seen anything like the current number of deaths.

“It is a marked increase, and we have not experienced anything like it in four generations,” Lars Svanholm told Dagbladet.

GWP reports: Svanholm believes that the funeral home has seen a 30 percent increase in deaths this year compared to last year. “We have not had such an increase since the company started in 1922,” said Svanholm to local TV.

In order to deal with the increasing number of dead, they have opened a cool emergency room in a garage. Capacity constraints forced families to wait more than two weeks to bury their loved ones.

“It’s a crisis”, says Lars Svanholm, the fourth-generation general manager of Trondheim’s largest funeral home, Svanholm & Vigdal Gravferd. Source: Adresseavisen

“Garages like this are used as stretcher rooms when demand is high. Then the cars are driven out, and cooling systems are installed,” said TV2.

More from TV2:

The constantly high demand has had unusual consequences for Svanholm and the agency’s 26 employees.

“For us, it has created enormous challenges with everything from refrigerator capacity to access to ceremony rooms, so there has been some waiting time for survivors,” says Svanholm.

At times there has been such a high demand that they have had to use garages and other backup solutions such as cold rooms. This has previously only been common in acute crises.

“We have a crisis preparedness if there are large numbers of deaths in a short time. In plane crashes and other major accidents, it is used, but now we have had to use it also with ordinary deaths,” says Svanholm. “I don’t think the peak has been reached.”

According to Svanholm, survivors risk waiting 15-20 days between death and burial, because churches and other ceremony rooms are busy.

“The grieving process can be characterized by the bereaved having to wait longer than normal. Some people are disappointed when they may have to wait an extra week to have a funeral, but they understand the problem,” says Svanholm.

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  1. Invite Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci to Norway and once there arrest them for a trial that lasts 3 hours that convicts, with a 10 minute appeal and the sentence carried out immediately.

  2. Make anthony fauchi dig every grave with spoon, put him in the last grave he digs and fill the hole withshit….

  3. You’re so awesome! I don’t believe I have read a single thing like that before. So great to find someone with some original thoughts on this topic. Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a little originality!

  4. this shows you the power of the money printers. they are paying authorites not to do anything about this poison. this poison is a bank sponsored program. they print the money to finance their world they want it to be. that means you will not live as long as God intended you to live. they will poison your food supply to bring down your IQ, ingenuity, your pursuit of happiness, prosperity, and you will live sickly as the norm. This is what is going on. The money printers need to be destroyed. But you are too worried about your 401k to do anything. funny thing is, you won’t live long enough to need it anyhow. This is how they got you by the balls. Your IQ won’t let you realize this.

  5. “Mysterious deaths”? The only “mystery” to me is why people are dumb enough to embrace an OBVIOUS kill shot! Much of mankind seems grotesquely willing to please “the man”! Does it make these morons feel “complete” to do what “the man” tells them to do? How much of mankind can actually think for themselves and their loved ones?

  6. Move on Norwegians , we’ve got to make room for the new immigrants. Vikings ain’t what they used to be….

  7. I hate to say “I told you so” but not this time. It was so obvious almost immediately that they were lying about everything. People cussed at me and called ignorant and anti-science for trying to warn them. Now they are dying from the shots and I say it is just natural selection at work.

  8. If you want to live, learn how to legally offend those who poison us, or get in line to say good bye to life on earth.

  9. That’s what a ‘real’ pandemic is supposed to look like. “Bring out your vaxed dead” Hey, we tried to tell them. DON”T trust your neighbor whatever you do. ONLY trust your TV doctor, right?

  10. This is fake news! I work with funerals in Trondheim, Norway. It is true that the mentioned funeral home has a significant increase in assignments. The increase at this agency is due to many factors. The death rates have indeed increased slightly, but can in no way be related to the Covid-19 vaccine.

      • How could I be wrong. I work with funerals in Trondheim, Norway. Trondheim is a city with only 200,000 inhabitants. There are many factual errors in this article. No dead have been stored in garage facilities. Dagbladet is not a local newspaper in Trondheim. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we had a noticeable decrease in deaths. It was due to vaccines and various other measures. After Covid-19, we had a few percent more deaths. Something that is natural. The 30% increase at the mentioned funeral home is due to several things. including a merger.
        I repeat, this is fake news!

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