There Are Signs That Hillary Will Run In 2024 Says Former Clinton Advisor

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Hillary Clinton

Former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris says it looks as it Hillary may be positioning herself for another presidential run in 2024.

The political consultant made his remarks after Clinton criticized the way mass immigration was being handled on the southern border.

During a recent MSNBC interview ago, Clinton had noted “nobody wants open borders who has any idea of how government and countries work.”​

Morris believes Hillary is moving toward presenting herself as a “moderate” centrist candidate in 2024 according to a New York Post report

“I see more and more signs that Hillary’s going to run,” Morris said during a radio interview that aired on Sunday/

The former aid said the fact that Hillary is acknowledging that most Americans “do not believe in open borders,” is a tell tale sign.

He said: “These are all signals that she is going to be the moderate candidate for president. She’s going to say after the election, ‘See, the left cost us the House and the Senate. If we stay with a left-wing candidate in 2024, we’re going to lose the White House. I’m the only one who will tack to the center and give us a chance at victory​'”

Morris added that he’s aware of the strategy that Clinton is employing “because it’s the strategy I designed for Bill Clinton in 1992” when he won the Democratic nomination.​

“​Hillary is just dusting off Bill‘s playbook that I wrote for him and applying it herself this year,” he said. 

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