Vice President Kamala Harris Used Child Actors In Bizarre Space Video

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Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris has been widely mocked following her appearance in a bizarre NASA video for children about the wonders of space exploration

Harris was criticized for appearing on the video while the Biden administration had been facing several major problems, including the crisis at the border, the Afghanistan fallout and a lagging approval rating.

But then to make matter worse, it was revealed on Monday that the children who featured in the first installment of the series were not normal kids, but were child actors who had auditioned for their roles.

All five of them are actors,” Carlo Bernardino, whose 13-year-old son Trevor was one of the youngsters taking part, told the Washington Examiner.

The NYPost reports: According to the Examiner, the video featuring Harris, Trevor and co-stars Derrick Brooks II, Emily Kim, Zhoriel Tapo, and Sydney Schmooke was shot Aug. 11 through 13 at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, where the VP’s residence is located. During the same time, the Taliban was in the midst of its final offensive in Afghanistan and thousands of illegal immigrants were being apprehended at the US-Mexico border.

Harris, who was tapped to head up the Cabinet-level National Space Council in May, was panned for her exaggerated gestures and facial expressions in the video, as well as her over-dramatic intonation.

Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens got together to discuss (or rather diss) the video.

They described Kamala Harris talking to kids as the ‘fakest thing that’s ever been caught on video.’

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