Hundreds of Thousands of Italians Fight Back Against ‘New World Order’ Vax Mandates

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Hundreds of thousands of Italians rise up against NWO vax mandates

Hundreds of thousands of Italians are rising up and fighting back against the government’s attempts to mandate vaccines and vaccine passports.

New videos out of Rome, Italy emerged over the weekend, showing protestors being brutalized by police.

The capital city’s Piazza del Popolo was overflowing with hundreds of thousands of Italians protesting the tyranny of the ‘New World Order.’

WATCH: reports: The so called ‘green pass’ is being forced on employers in Italy and requires all workers to have been vaccinated or provide proof of recovery from COVID within the last six months, or continual negative tests every two days.

Employers will face hefty fines if they refuse to go along with the system.

During the protests, police got heavy handed and began hitting people with batons, blasting water cannons, and using pepper spray:

Eventually the crowd had enough and began to fight back against the police:

Entirely predictably, the media labeled the protesters as ‘far right anti-vaxxers’:


  1. It’s very obvious they will not back down from public pressure like that. They are determined to va cunate everyone and they don’t care a damn about what the people think They can just all drop dead as far as the left wing vqxxerz are concerned.

  2. The government is absolutely destroying italy on purpose.
    Too high of a quality of life. Too much non-corporate farms. Too many pensions to pay. Too many holidays. Too much history.

    • Italy us the most corrupt government on earth, rivalled only by their Cathic partners in South Americas as the most crooked and corrupt on earth. Italians have been fleeing, like the South Americans and Mexicans, put of their traditional homelands to America, Australia Canada as fast as they can. Houses in Italy, which in a lot of the country hasn’t even got reliable electricity or sewerage or even decent roads are diet cheap because no one wants to live there. Like the South America s full of crimes and murder and thieves. And they’re migrating taking their criminal networks and famy ties with them.

      • Where my family lives-it’s nothing like that. Old rundown 1 bedroom 1 bath apartments on the 3rd floor go for 180,000€. People left during the war, now people are leaving because of the government interference & illegal violent immigration. The fact is-that island is FULL of wild growing farms. Being almost surrounded by the sea. Beaches, hot springs, skiing-you name it it’s there. You literally could be cut off from all food supplies & survive easily. They also get 3 months a year of vacation. It’s the old world lifestyle. The areas you’re talking about are rural areas. Like moving to Jeffery WY. You won’t see many people putting that on their to-do list. The Vatican is it’s own country. The Pope is a heretic.

  3. … they want a fight they are definitely doing all they can to provoke one…when govt fears the people, you know how it goes

    • Yes RT take the cake, always sagging off America Meanwhile I found out today that 973 russuans died from covid yesterday alone because Putins passed the buck for vaccinating to the local governments who are only now telling people to wear masks like Moscow and St Petersburg have been doing . Course what the truth is is anyones guess. But an elk is hard to track in winter So there’s some news.

  4. Meanwhile Al Jazeera aka BBC, in disguise is reporting how shameful the UK government’s gas been for not vqccu acting furiously from the start like the Koreans did. They have Jibbo Abykhatani cryi g cause the UK s failure to jab everyone meant his dad died and he’s demanding them to say they’re sorry. And obviously will jab ruthlessly everyone now to be good.

    • And Bobo Johnson grinning from ear to ear admitting his regrets he hasn’t jabbed every one in the YKBfarcmore vigorously right from the start.

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