Trump: ‘Corrupt’ Pelosi and Schiff ‘Plotting to Overthrow the Election’

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Trump slams Pelosi and Schiff for trying to overthrow election

President Trump has blasted “corrupt” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and “Shifty” Adam Schiff for “plotting to overthrow the election.”

“Yesterday’s vote by the radical Democrats is an attack on democracy itself,” Trump said during his Friday rally in Mississippi.

“Yesterday the Democrats voted to potentially nullify the votes of 63 million Americans, disgracing themselves and bringing shame upon the House of Representatives,” Trump said.

“While we’re creating jobs and killing terrorists, the Democrat party has gone completely insane,” Trump complained.

“They’ve been plotting to overthrow the election since I won,” Trump warned.

“They actually SPIED on my campaign!”

“Now corrupt politicians Nancy Pelosi and ‘Shifty’ Adam Schiff, and the media are continuing with the deranged impeachment witch hunt,” POTUS said.

“The word impeachment, to me it’s a dirty word, not a good word.”

“The American people are fed up with Democrat lies, hoaxes, and extremism,” Trump declared.

The Democrats “have created an angry majority that will vote many do-nothing Democrats out of office in 2020.” reports: Addressing 2020 Democratic candidates, Trump ridiculed rivals, saying he had a new nickname for Vice President Joe Biden — “very slow, sleepy Joe” — and continuing to attack Biden’s son Hunter over discredited claims of improper business relationships with a Ukrainian energy company.

Trump also went after former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas, who just hours before announced he was dropping out of the 2020 Democratic primary. Trump and O’Rourke had been critical of each other on the campaign trail, and even held competing rallies in El Paso, O’Rourke’s hometown, earlier this year.

“Beto, did you hear? Ah, that poor bastard. Poor, pathetic guy,” Trump said. “Anybody who says they’re born for this, they’re in trouble,” Trump said, mocking an interview O’Rourke did with Vanity Fair.

Trump also accused former President Barack Obama of working harder than Hillary Clinton did to beat him in 2016, stating it is the “only time I’ve seen him work hard.” He added that Democrats tried to take him down with “the lying and the spying and the leaking” but “we are kicking their ass.”

Trump continued to attack Obama, lamenting that he did not receive as much positive coverage after he announced the death of Islamic State militant group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as Obama did after the death of Bin Laden.

“I didn’t do it for the story, I did it ’cause it was the right thing to do,” Trump said.

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