Biden Fast Tracks Bill Gates’ Fake Meat for Public Consumption

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Biden fast tracks Bill Gates' synthetic meat for public consumption in America

President Biden has fast tracked Bill Gates’ lab-grown ‘synthetic meat’ for approval, meaning grocery stores across America can now sell the carcinogenic fake meat to the public.

In an unprecedented move, the Biden’s United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved the sale of Gates’ lab-grown “chicken meat” on Wednesday.

U.S. regulators gave the green-light to two California-based companies – Upside Foods and Good Meat. Upside Foods is a Gates-funded company. reports: The approval from regulators will allow the companies to flood the U.S. food supply with their controversial products.

The companies have been racing to be the first in the U.S. to sell meat that doesn’t come from slaughtered animals.

They’ve branded this controversial new product as “cell-cultivated” or “cultured” meat.

“This announcement that we’re now able to produce and sell cultivated meat in the United States is a major moment for our company, the industry, and the food system,” said Josh Tetrick, CEO of Eat Just, Good Meat’s parent company.

While the companies and regulators claim the development is a step toward eliminating harm to animals and reducing environmental impacts, critics remain unconvinced.

“Instead of all of that land and all of that water that’s used to feed all of these animals that are slaughtered, we can do it in a different way,” Tetrick added.

These optimistic claims seem to overshadow the stark realities of this process.

Cultivated meat is developed by growing animal stem cells in a nourishing medium and a bioreactor.

The end product mimics the appearance and taste of traditional meat.

According to PBS, for Bill Gates’ Upside Food, the end product comes out in large sheets shaped into items like chicken cutlets and sausages.

Good Meat, which already sells cultivated meat in Singapore, transforms chicken cells into a variety of forms, such as cutlets, nuggets, and shredded meat.

However, the public should exercise caution before embracing this so-called “innovation.”

Not only does this advancement raise ethical and potential health concerns, but it also brings into question the sustainability of this method.

The rush to bring lab-grown meat to market may be premature without a comprehensive understanding of its long-term environmental impact, economic feasibility, and potential health risks.

As it stands, the Agriculture Department’s approval feels more like a worrying leap into the unknown, rather than a confident step forward for sustainability and animal welfare.

It remains to be seen whether consumers will readily accept meat that swaps the farmyard for the laboratory.

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