‘Woke’ School Found Guilty of Covering Up Rape of Girl in Transgender Bathroom; Father Arrested For Confronting Teachers

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'Woke' school in Virginia caught covering up the rape of a young girl in transgender bathroom

A heartbroken father has accused the Loudon County, Virginia school district of covering up the brutal rape of his young daughter because the attack occurred in the school’s new ‘woke’ transgender bathroom.

Scott Smith, the parent of the ninth-grade girl that was attacked, says his child was violently sodomized by a “boy wearing a skirt” in May earlier this year.

On June 22, Smith protested in front of the school board along with hundreds of other angry parents.

He was arrested that evening when the school board told cops that the protest was an “unlawful assembly.”

Two months after the incident, the boy – who has not been named – was arrested for violent sodomy.  

In October, he was arrested again for raping another girl at a different school.

According to Smith, Loudoun County schools conspired to cover-up the rapes to protect the transgender rapist.

‘It has been so hard to keep my mouth shut and wait this out. It has been the most powerless thing I’ve ever been through,’ he said.  

‘My wife and I are gay- and lesbian-friendly.’

‘We’re not into this children transgender stuff. The person that attacked our daughter is apparently bisexual and occasionally wears dresses because he likes them.’

‘So this kid is technically not what the school board was fighting about.’

‘The point is kids are using it as an advantage to get into the bathrooms,’ he added. 

On the day of the rape, Smith says the school asked him to come to the campus because his daughter had been assaulted. They refused to admit she had been sexually assaulted. 

Once Smith arrived, school staff told him they would handle the incident internally, choosing not to call the police.

The father of the victim was angered by the decision and challenged them on it. The school board then called the police to report Smith, while still refusing to tell police about the rapist.

‘I went nuts. I called the principal a p****. Six cop cars showed up like a f****** SWAT team,’ he said. 

Dailymail.co.uk reports: The school’s principal sent out an alert that day warning parents of what had happened involving Smith, but it said nothing of the sexual assault allegations in the bathroom.  

It’s unclear exactly what happened next but Smith ended up at the hospital with his daughter.

There, they told doctors what happened and a rape kit was performed. 

‘Thank God that I drew enough attention to it, without getting arrested, that we got an escort to the hospital and they administered a rape kit that night,’ he said. 

The rape kit verified his daughter’s claim so they took it to the police and a case was opened. 

The teenager was arrested two months later – after the school board meeting – after an investigation by the sheriff’s office.  

‘We did respond. At the time, the juvenile was 14-years-old. He was charged with forcible sodomy. After that, it goes through the courts. 

‘The May 28, 2021, case at Stone Bridge High School involved a different set of circumstances and a thorough 2-month-long investigation was conducted to determine the facts of the case prior to arrest.

‘This case is still pending court proceedings,’ a spokesman for the sheriff’s office told DailyMail.com on Tuesday. 

In the weeks and months that followed, Lancaster and the juvenile boy’s attorneys’ were working out a plea deal but it’s unclear if the school board ever took action against him. 

According to Lancaster, the boy confessed to what happened in police interviews. 

Lancaster, who is a partner at the Leesburg firm Whitbeck Bennett, says she accompanied Smith’s daughter to interviews with prosecutors. 

At the meeting on June 22, Loudoun County School Superintendent Scott Ziegler said the school had never had any form of incident inside a bathroom or locker room involving a transgender child. 

‘To my knowledge, we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms,’ he said first. 

He went on to quote Time magazine research that he said disproved the notion transgender kids might sexually attack cisgender kids, and said: ‘I think it’s important to keep our perspective on this, we’ve heard it several times tonight from our public speakers but the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist.’ 

Smith said he became irate. He started arguing with another woman at the meeting, labeling her a ‘b***h’ after she allegedly denied his daughter’s claim. 

He was then charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. 

The family then retreated from the public eye but were working with Lancaster to resolve the criminal case against the boy who assaulted their daughter, they say. 

They were preparing for an October 14 court date, they say, but were stunned when the same boy was arrested again on October 6, at a different school in the same district.

On this occasion, he was charged with ‘with sexual battery and abduction’. In that case, he allegedly held a different girl in a classroom to attack her in Broad Run High School – 2.5miles from the high school where Smith’s daughter was assaulted. 

Smith’s attorney says prosecutors told her it was the same child as was involved in the case with Smith’s daughter.  

‘If someone would have sat and listened for thirty seconds to what Scott had to say, they would have been mortified and heartbroken,’ his attorney added. 

He said he does not know if the boy identifies as female, is bisexual, or was taking advantage of the system. 

‘I don’t care if he’s homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, transsexual. He’s a sexual predator,’ he said. 

Because the case involves two juveniles, there are few publicly available records and Loudoun County will not comment or give out any information. 

When contacted by DailyMail.com on Tuesday morning for a response to Smith’s explosive allegations, the school board did not immediately respond. 

Lancaster, Smith’s attorney, did not name the prosecutors who she said she was working with and sheriff’s deputies will not comment.  

It remains unclear why the boy in question was in the different school, where the second assault allegedly took place on October 6, when he had apparently been in talks with prosecutors to agree to a deal for the May 28 assault against Smith’s daughter. 

Loudoun County won’t say whether or not he was ever suspended or excluded from the school system. 

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office did confirm the October 6 incident, saying in a press release on October 7: ‘A teenager from Ashburn has been charged with sexual battery and abduction of a fellow student at Broad Run High School.

‘The investigation determined on the afternoon of October 6, the 15-year-old suspect forced the victim into an empty classroom where he held her against her will and inappropriately touched her.’ 


  1. One good thing about this is now at last school s are being held accountable whereas in the past they were like islands. The sexual assaults and rapes that have happened in schools is enernous and its finally being exposed.

    • And she is lucky that she has good parents who didn’t just tell her to get over it and don’t create a fuss and tell her it’s not worth going to the cops and that it will all be too horrible for her to pursue And thankfully now there are clear payouts to the victim to encourage them. Its all centuries over due too.

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