Robert De Niro Accuses Trump Of Using Same ‘Playbook’ As Hitler

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Robert De Niro told MSNBC’s Ari Melber on Monday that he is relieved about the President’s ‘defeat’ and that he was concerned how someone like Trump managed to get as far as he did in the American government.

Breitbart reports: Appearing Monday on MSNBC, left-wing actor Robert De Niro accused President Donald Trump of using the same “playbook” as Nazi German-era dictator Adolf Hitler’s in his pitch to voters to make America great again.

Watch below:

A partial transcript is as follows:

ARI MELBER: Are you suggesting, and I don’t want to misquote you Robert, a sequel to analyze [the Trump presidency], but with Trump in it?

ROBERT DE NIRO: No, not really. Not quite.

MELBER: I was just kidding.

DE NIRO: It’s the same playbook as Mussolini, as Hitler, as a dictator, wannabe dictators. It’s what they’re going to do for the people, make Germany great again, make Italy great again, make America great again. It’s all appealing to the worst prejudices, the worst weaknesses of the public, and instead of leading them and guiding them and being someone that they can look up to. And when the public is not right, you have to be there to do the right thing, to set an example for them. And if you don’t, then we’re going to be where we are today.

“I was so angry and so enraged and confounded that he would actually behave the way he did and that people bought it,” De Niro said of the more than 71 million Americans who voted to re-elect President Trump.


  1. This dude DeZero is so crazy that he is a parody of his demented Travis Bickle character in the movie Taxi Driver.

    I hope his former wife takes him to the cleaners, loser.

  2. According to lying Democrat-Neocons, desiring a secure border that keeps out criminals, foreign diseases, welfare seekers, entitlement grubbers, and anti-constitution revolutionaries is Nazism.

    If anything, the US should be deporting Democrat-Neocons, not importing them.

    • Just three examples why in our family

      No more movies.
      No more network TV.
      No more “entertainment” pubs.

      Remember, they use every dime against you.

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