Witnesses: US Transferred ISIS Commanders In Syria To Safety

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US aircraft reportedly airlifted ISIS commanders from a northwestern town in Syria prior to an offensive by the Syrian army to liberate the town from the terrorists.

Several eyewitnesses said that American helicopters picked up the terrorist commanders from the town of Mayadin, which was later liberated according to report by RIA Novosti news agency on Tuesday.

“American military aviation first made a maneuver in the area […] near a Mayadin farm. Then [it] launched an airstrike, we tried to hide and saw several US helicopters. There were foreign Daesh commanders on the ground, who were waiting for them next to their headquarters… The helicopters took them outside of Mayadin,” said a local shepherd, Muhammad Awad Hussein.

He also said that he saw “US aviation… first a sound from it, then a massive strike that was followed by the US helicopters’ flight and transportation of Daesh leaders after which the airstrikes ceased.”

Press TV reports: The 79-year-old said he had served in the Syrian army and could distinguish American aircraft.

Other locals told the agency they had seen cars taking two foreign Daesh commanders and their families from the town to a command post run by the Takfiri terror outfit. They said the ringleaders then boarded helicopters and headed from there to an unknown location.’

Mayadin is located in Dayr al-Zawr Province, the last area where pockets of the terrorists are still present in Syria. The town was liberated on October 14.

The Syrian army and its allies broke Daesh’s siege over Dayr al-Zawr Province’s capital city of the same name in September and fully liberated it on November 3. The Takfiris had first laid the siege in 2014, when they began their terror campaign against the Arab country.

The US has long been accused of colluding with Daesh to provide safe passage and logistical support to its members in conflict zones.

Last month, Russia said the US was allowing Daesh to operate “under its nose” in Syria, calling on Washington to explain why the terrorists enjoyed freedom of movement in a border area where Americans have a military base.

A month earlier, reports from a group affiliated with the Syrian opposition also alleged that the US military had several times airlifted Daesh Takfiri terrorists amid the Syrian army’s advances on Dayr al-Zawr.

Following the liberation of Mayadin, a Brigadier General of the Syrian Arab Army showed reporters weapons that the government forces had found in the town. It turned out that the largest ISIS storehouse contained Israeli made weapons as well as NATO weapons from the United States, Belgium and Britain.

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