Is the anti-vaccine movement ‘losing its steam’?

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Is the anti-vaccine movement 'losing its steam'?

An editorial from the LA times is claiming that the anti vaccine movement is finally losing its steam…

From the LA Times: For the first time in years, there has been a slight uptick in the number of kindergartners who started the school year with all their recommended vaccinations, the state reported Tuesday. This is good news for California, where the anti-vaccine movement has thrived over the last decade despite its basis in a thoroughly discredited study and public statements by a few celebrities who are neither scientists nor medical experts.

The increase is significant not because it is big, but because it happened at all. After five years of falling immunization rates, the percentage of fully vaccinated kindergartners rose this year from 90.2% to 90.4%, the state Department of Public Health reported.

Some of the increase may be the result of a law that took effect this year requiring most parents to receive information about vaccination from a health professional before they can exercise a “personal belief exemption,” which allows them to keep their children from being vaccinated simply because they don’t like the inoculations. The law is hardly tough on disbelievers: Parents are still free to exempt their children after they’ve become better informed, and they can avoid even receiving the information if they claim that their religious beliefs run counter to vaccination.



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