Russian Hacker Has $3M Bounty On His Head

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Evgeniy Bogachev
Evgeniy Bogachev

The F.B.I has put the $3 million bounty on Evgeniy Bogachev for his role in a hacking sting.

He allegedly stole $100 million from banks by installing malicious software and gaining access to passwords and bank details on computers.

He was indicted on bank fraud and conspiracy charges a year ago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The F.B.I believes he is in Russia at present and part of a network called “GameOver Zeus”.

SkyNews report: Despite the reward, which is the highest bounty the US has ever offered in a cyber case, arresting overseas hackers is difficult for US authorities, particularly in countries like Russia where there is no extradition treaty.

Joseph Demarest, head of the FBI’s cyber crime division, said that Russia’s internal security agency, the FSB, had recently expressed a tentative interest in working with the US on cyber crimes.

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