Giant Sinkhole Forces 380 People To Be Evacuated in Naples

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Giant Sinkhole Forces 380 People To Be Evacuated in Naples

Residents In Naples woke up to discover a massive sinkhole in the middle of the Street on Sunday morning.

380 people had to be evacuated evacuated from the area in the Italian city.

RT reports: The hole, measuring 10-meters across and 20-meters deep, tore the street apart, with one Italian newspaper, Il Mattino, describing the scene as “dramatic.” Authorities ordered the evacuation of 95 families.

“I heard a huge thud, looked out and saw the road collapse and swallow a car,” a local woman told the paper.

According to the authorities, subsidence had created a small in the ground before the massive hole appeared. It is believed that a burst pipe, aggravated by heavy rain caused a further collapse, caused the ground to give way, resulting in the crater.

Professor of Geology at Federico II University of Naples, Franco Ortolani, told Corriere del Mezzogiorno that the accident could have been prevented. He said the last call was five days before the disaster, on February 17.



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