Conservative Student Who Protested Drag Queen Story Time Commits Suicide After Twitter Hate Campaign

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Wilson Gavin, a young conservative who recently led a protest against Drag Queen Story Hour committed suicide after online abuse.

Wilson Gavin, a young conservative who recently led a protest against so-called “Drag Queen Story Hour” at an Australian library faced a massive media campaign of hatred against him, labelling him as a “bigot” because he believed drag queens are not appropriate role models for children.

On Monday, Gavin was found dead and his death was immediately ruled a suicide.

Gavin, who was president of his university’s conservative club, was openly gay but committed to Christian values such as traditional marriage, and as such he was subjected to a torrent of vile online abuse from liberals and fans of Drag Queen Story Time.

NationalFile reports: The video of the UQ Liberal National club confronting drag queens, chanting “drag queens are not for kids,” caused an outpouring of politically charged harassment against Gavin.

Liberal National MP Trevor Evans was among the many public figures who dogpiled onto the students, calling them “ratbags” who “wouldn’t know liberal values if they fell over them.”

LNP Councillor Vicki Howard called the students “narrow-minded” and “appalling” and said their protest “will not and will never be tolerated.”

After Gavin’s suicide, many left-wing Twitter users were quick to delete their previous attacks against Gavin and the LNP students and express remorse for their actions.

The death of a young gay man after being the target of an online harassment campaign would normally be front-page global news, but the story appears to have trouble gaining traction outside of local Australian media.

Gavin had previously appeared on Sky News and described himself as “a lover of all things traditional, all things beautiful.”

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