UK Government plans to phase out all our gas-fired cookers and heating systems

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UK Government plans to phase out all our gas-fired cookers and heating systems

Millions of  households cooked their turkeys in a gas oven on Christmas day. ..But if the government has its way, such a familiar festive scenes will be a thing of the past in the not so distant furture.

Now Whitehall’s crazy eco zealots want to ban your gas cooker, writes Christopher Booker

In a Mail Online article, he reports: As for turning up the thermostat to ensure our gas boiler keeps our home snug and warm on a chilly festive morning — that simple action too, is under threat, even though some 90 per cent of all homes in Britain are heated by gas

Householders across the country will be horrified to learn that, over the next decade or two, the Government plans to phase out all our gas-fired cookers and heating systems —forcing us to replace them at a cost of untold billions.

Official documents reveal the Government is seriously contemplating that, within 25 years or so, gas will be all but banned — along with petrol and diesel.

The intention is that not only our cooking and heating but much else, including our cars and most of the vehicles on Britain’s roads, will have to be powered by electricity.

The Government admits this astonishingly ambitious plan will be the most far-reaching energy revolution since electricity itself was discovered.

But it is not being planned because our gas and oil supplies will have run out — or even because of any looming shortage.

On the contrary, the world is now facing a glut of gas and oil, thanks in part to the ‘shale gas revolution’ led by the U.S., a country which almost overnight, has become the world’s largest natural gas producer as a result of a process called fracking — where water and sand are fired at high pressure into shale rock to release the oil and gas inside.

This has led to plummeting prices, and prompted many industries to switch to gas.

Yet our own rulers want to abandon it. Astonishingly, the plan to change the way we cook our food and heat our homes is being instigated by the Government as the only way by which we can meet a statutory requirement under the Climate Change Act.

This particular piece of legislative folly was pushed through Parliament six years ago by Ed Miliband, as our first ever Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, and decreed that Britain must cut its emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels by a staggering 80 per cent within 35 years



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