Obama Aide Pressured Smollett Prosecutor Before Case Was Dropped

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Michelle Obama aide pressured Jussie Smollett to let him walk free

One of Michelle Obama’s former aides pressured the prosecutor in charge of the Jussie Smollett case shortly before all charges were dropped.

The Chicago Police Union now want a full federal investigation into Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s handling of the Smollett case after text messages revealed she was speaking with various members of Smollett’s family and Tina Tchen – Michelle Obama’s former aide.

Tina Tchen sent Kim Foxx a recent email saying, “Hi Kim – I sent an email to your work address I think as well. I wanted to give you a call on behalf of Jussie Smollett and family who I know. They have concerns about the investigation. I am on an 8 am flight to nyc but please call me before then. I land about 1015 Chicago time. My cell is [redacted]. Many thanks!”

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: In one text exchange with a Smollett relative, Kim Foxx is reassuring them she spoke to the superintendent and asked for a favor. “I’ll keep you posted, “Foxx said in text. “Omg this would be a huge victory,” the Smollett relative said in response. “I make no guarantees, but I’m trying.” Foxx replied.

Read more text messages exchanged between Kim Foxx and Smollett’s relatives and supporters here.

Kim Foxx later recused herself from the case.

Despite the reams of evidence against Jussie Smollett the Cook County State’s Attorney dropped ALL 16 CHARGES against Smollett on Tuesday!

Smollett left the court today and LIED, telling reporters racist, homophobic Trump supporters beat him in a cold Chicago street.

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