Bill Gates: Europe Must Stop Taking So Many Migrants

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Microsoft founder Bill Gates has warned that Europe has taken too many migrants and risks losing it's culture and values.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has warned that Europe has taken too many migrants and risks losing it’s culture and values.

But Gates spoke of a dilemma caused by ‘the German attitude to refugees’, referring to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open Europe’s borders to illegal migrants arriving from the third world.

On the one hand you want to demonstrate generosity and take in refugees, but the more generous you are, the more word gets around about this  — which in turn motivates more people to leave Africa,” Gates told the German Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

Germany cannot possibly take in the huge, massive number of people who are wanting to make their way to Europe.”

Because of this, Gates stressed that “Europe must make it more difficult for Africans to reach the continent via the current transit routes”.

Breitbart reports: The American billionaire’s comments come as European leaders discuss what to do about the surging number of Africans arriving in Italy each week, with Rome calling for other European Union (EU) nations to open their ports to docking migrants so as to ease pressure on the Mediterranean nation.

Italy is demanding that other EU nations open their ports to migrants ferried from Libya as the country struggles to cope with having already received over 80,000 people this year.

Calling for African newcomers to be spread throughout Europe, the Mediterranean nation’s globalist centre-left government insisted that the EU migrant relocation programme  — which is largely limited to people from Eritrea and Syria  — should be expanded to include other nationalities, such as Nigerians.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, on Saturday decried an “unfolding tragedy” in Italy.

“Without a swift collective action, we can only expect more tragedies at sea,” he declared, noting that around 2,000 migrants have lost their lives on the sea route from Libya to Italy this year.

The Italian diplomat repeated calls for an “urgent distribution system” for incoming migrants and asylum seekers, and “additional legal pathways to admission”.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Ya think? Let’s see; No job skills, no Western social skills, no language skills, huge eh …. what do you say … libido, violent tribal att

  2. The amount of impoverished is so high that the most generous migrant plan still leaves 99.8 percent of them in impoverished nations. Open borders and attempting to resettle in wealthier nations is mathematically impossible so we must face the truth that people must be helped where they are.
    Too much migration destabilizes those nations that are doing better and thus makes the problem even worse.

    • Unfortunately the governments of those countries steal everything for themselves. Name one country the US has helped where it made a lasting difference? Third world hell hole dictators know hungry people are the easiest to control and will never let their slave population be anything but poor and hungry. But you are right and they know it.

  3. ” The Brain damage within the Elite Actors Guild is so pervasive, The Guild can never, and will never look objectively at itself. Over time the talking heads of the Guilder Beast have done a bang up job of legitimizing the criminality of the Beast, in the minds of the actors and the audience. The actor’s Guild has Glorified War, Death, Theft, Domination and Destruction under the guise of Human Rights, Democracy and the Red, White and Blue for so long, that we now celebrate the Criminal Psychopathy of the Corporations Actors every July 4th, Independance Day from Truth and Reality.”

  4. I don’t like Bill Gates and his woman. They killed a lot of people in India (recently) and in Afrika the poor people getting deadly vaccinations. He’s a zionist and a bad man. And Germany is still under control of the US and GB. Germany does nothing without the permission or the wil of the USA/GB/Zionistic Israel. The Germans are still not aware of who really started the war. Germany gett off your knees.
    And Gates, f… off.

  5. Search for Barabara Lerner-Spectre abaout the ‘plan’, so you know the eral reason for flooding Europe with ‘refugees’.
    Jewish elite is handling the world.

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