LA Health Inspector Does ‘Happy Dance’ After Shutting Down Small Biz and Devastating Family

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LA County health inspector does a 'happy dance' after shutting down a small business and hurting family

A video showing an LA health inspector performing a ‘happy dance’ moments after ordering a small business to close down has gone viral.

In the video below, a giddy Los Angeles health inspector official can be seen dancing for joy after she callously devastated the lives of the employees and owners of Bravery Brewing Company in Lancaster, California.

WATCH: reports: The CCTV footage shows a Los Angeles County health inspector literally dancing moments after she had ordered Bravery Brewery to shut down over Covid-19 violations. She looks around as she starts to clap, then engages in a full-blown “happy dance” in what she thought was the privacy of her own abuse of power. As it turned out, she was wrong to shut them down, but the effects on the business were still felt as it kept them down for the Super Bowl, one of the heaviest alcohol-drinking days of the year.

Chef Andrew Gruel, a fellow local business in the area, noted that city and county officials have been using their new-found power under the coronavirus lockdowns to flex their authoritarian muscles.

“Moments after demanding a microbrewery in Lancaster close, this health inspector did a happy dance,” Gruel Tweeted. “Apparently, she was also wrong to shut them down and they were compliant. These stories about city officials bullying restaurants are getting all too common.”

While most Americans are suffering under the draconian policies of fearmongering authoritarians, many of the enforcers of these dystopian policies are enjoying every economy-crushing minute of it.


    • Over at TGP they revealed her name. I can’t even pronounce it so I’m guessing she’s a member of the Simian persuasion.

  1. In my lifetime I havecduscovered that the most evil people work in roles that give them a cover story and image of being the most humane compassionate and caring .Always the sane ,always the opposite. Always .And nothing NOTHING is what it seems Never trust anybody .

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