Britain’s Next Prime Minister Keir Starmer Says UK Willing To ‘Nuke Millions of People’

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Keir Starmer says UK would be willing to nuke millions of people

Britain’s next Prime Minister Keir Starmer has admitted that he would be “willing to hit the ‘Nuclear Button’ killing millions of people if the circumstances arose.” reports: Appearing on ITV News Friday, Starmer said that his support of the UK’s nuclear deterrent was a “cornerstone” of the nation’s defence capability. When asked about Corbyn’s ambition for a “nuclear free world” the Labour leader described the nuclear weapons as “the single most important part of our armoury to protect our country” and that “deterrents” and world safety were “two sides of the same coin.”

ITV reporter: “Five years ago, you supported [Corbyn] who wanted to become Prime Minister, who was pretty sceptical about the need for a nuclear deterrent. What’s changed?”

Starmer: “In 2019, the Labour Party manifesto had a full commitment to the nuclear deterrent and a full commitment to NATO. Here we are, 2024. I’m pleased to be the first Labour leader in 30 years to be here in Barrow to make a very strong commitment to the work that they’re doing. A triple lock which is to support the Dreadnought submarines that we’ve seen this morning, and I have actually been in the dreadnought this morning to see it as it’s being made, to make that commitment to the continuous at-sea deterrent and to the upgrades which to the workforce here is very important because they know that this is a generational commitment. So my support for the deterrent as a cornerstone of our defence and to NATO is absolutely unshakable. It’s been really good to be here with the workforce to share that with them and to see what they’ve been doing, the pride that they have in the work that they’re doing.”

ITV reporter: “Your predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, said that his ambition was to see a nuclear-free world. What’s wrong with that ambition? Shouldn’t we want to see a world free of nuclear weapons?”

Starmer: “The only way to have a safer world is to have an effective deterrent. The nuclear deterrent has been effective now for decades. It’s the single most important part of our armoury to protect our country. And that’s why I’m so committed to it. And it’s important that we see this as a long-term project, because not only do we need the deterrents today, but we need the upgrades and the continued deterrents as we go forward. I do want to save the world, but it is important to appreciate that deterrents and safety together they’re two sides of the same coin.”

ITV reporter: “If you became Prime Minister and if the circumstances arose, Britain was under attack, would you be prepared to push the nuclear button?

Starmer: “Well the nuclear deterrence is the ultimate threat. And therefore, of course, the deterrence only works if there is a preparedness to use it. Everybody understands that and I understand that.”

ITV reporter: “Even if it means potentially killing millions of people?”

Starmer: “The deterrence only works if there’s a preparedness to use it. So that is a clear answer to your question. To go beyond that and to discuss the circumstance in which it might be used would not be anything that anyone who aspires to be Prime Minister would engage in. But as to preparedness, that has to be part and parcel of the deterrent. It’s quite a heavy burden to live with.”

ITV reporter: “How do you assess whether you would be prepared to do that?”

Starmer: “The first duty of any government and of any prime minister is defence of the realm, defence of the country. The nuclear deterrent is absolutely vital for that. So that would be my responsibility, were I privileged enough to be elected to serve our country. So it’s that fundamental first duty of the government and prime minister that has been centrally in focus in answering your questions about a deterrent that has worked for many years and kept us safe and is probably the single most important part of our protective armoury.”

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