RINO Flake: ‘There’s No Future’ for Republican Party With Trumpism

Fact checked
Sen. Jeff Flake declares Republican party has no future with Trumpism

Former Senator Jeff Flake declared on Monday that the Republican Party has no future if it allows “Trumpism.”

Speaking with anti-Trump network CNN, Flake said:

“There is certainly no future with Trumpism. It is a demographic cul-de-sac. I think most people, most elected officials, nearly all of them recognize that, but they deal with the reality right now if they cross the president, they’ll get a primary. I think that is waning quickly. I think the president will fade away a lot faster than he wants to, but that is been the reality.”

He added, “There is no future with Trumpism. There is no coherent governing philosophy. It’s more of an attitude than a philosophy. And in just look, since President Trump was elected, we lost the House, we’ve lost the Senate, we lost the White House, and in the midterms, we lost more than 400 legislative seats nationwide. I don’t know how much more winning we could stand as a Republican Party. So we’ve got to go a different direction.”



  1. RINO Flake.

    It’s funny how his actual name describes him to a “t.” lol

    Arizona pisses on him and his political legacy (such as it is). He’s nothing but a “never was.” even has-beens have more credibility than that cranially-buggered fishwhistle.

  2. Hey Flake, your future will be eternal torment in the flames of Hell. Not to worry tho, you’ll have plenty of company!

  3. They’re all frauds Gave been fir ages Liars actors performers in the theatre of operations sworn to secrecy and blackmailable in one way or another Or just totally f ing so dumb they wouldnt the know the truth from a dead dogs bum .Look at half of em Thick as bricks .

    • And they do kbiw rhat a lot if people a lot if people know the basic facts so they play games to mask themselves behind Rhey say they’re going to raise taxes knowing that makes people hate democratic government zbut let’s them skim the cream with secret deals and deceive the trusting also They’re so devious and machiavellian and people think they’re ip front and obvious Nothing could be further from the truth they’re an artfully constructed Dodger

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