Oklahoma Outlaws WEF Agenda From State: “Globalist Politicians Will Be Prosecuted”

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Oklahoma outlaws WEF agenda from state.

Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt signed a new law on Wednesday that prohibits globalist organisation’s such as the WEF, UN and WHO from pushing their agenda in the State.

Bill 426 will go into action immediately, and makes it illegal for the WEF and any of its operatives from pushing their globalist agenda in Oklahoma.

Rebelnews.com reports: Sen. Michael Bergstrom clarified that the bill does not stop the state from following recommendations from the three organizations, but that it will not be “bound by their dictates, their mandates.”

He said it would not change how the state responds, citing COVID-19 as an example.

“During the last pandemic, we made our own decisions,” Bergstrom said. “There were recommendations that came down and we realized that some of those … were not particularly good recommendations, and we decided to do things the Oklahoma way.”

Bergstrom stated that if the federal government were to enter into an agreement with the WHO that contravenes Oklahoma’s constitutional laws, the state would not be obligated to comply. However, the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution establishes that federal law generally overrides state law.

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