Trump Gets Behind Move to Ban American Flag Burning

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President Trump gets behind move to outlaw U.S. flag burning

President Trump says he supports implementing a total ban on burning our American flag .

“All in for Senator Steve Daines as he proposes an Amendment for a strong BAN on burning our American Flag. A no brainer!” Trump said. reports: Montana Sen. Steve Daines introduced the amendment which was co-sponsored by North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer, according to the The Daily Mail .

‘Our United States flag is a timeless symbol of liberty that tells the story of America, the story of our enduring pursuit of freedom,’ Daines said.

‘Remembering the sacrifices of all who carried its colors into battle, our nation should always render the flag the honor and dignity it is due.’

This is the third time in the last three years that Daines has introduced proposed legislation seeking to give Congress the authority to ban the burning of the Stars and Stripes.

But the Supreme Court has already ruled that the burning of the flag is protected under the First Amendment.

Forty-eight states passed laws against flag burning, but those laws were ruled unconstitutional in 1989 following the Supreme Court decision in the Texas v. Johnson case.

Not everyone agreed with President Trump on the idea.