Video Of Avalanche On Everest Hitting Base-Camp

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Avalanche In Everest

The following two videos were shot during the avalanche on Everest that followed the devastating Nepalese earthquake on Saturday.

The avalanche is shown approaching the base-camp. While some are worried about the ground shaking, the poor folk are hit by the avalanche sooner than they think.
Panic ensues, and a lot of the F… word is used when the avalanche engulfs the camp.
Video by Jost Kobusch from YouTube.

Hit by Avalanche in Everest Basecamp 25.04.2015
According to Mountaineer Jost Kobusch: The ground was shaking from the earthquake and as soon as we saw people running we were running ourselves to save our lives.

This is another video of the incident.

From Shahadave Shrestha at YouTube:  Pray for Nepal.

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