President Putin: Ukraine Planning To Drop “Dirty Nuclear Bomb” To Spark World War 3

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President Putin warns Ukraine plotting to release dirty bomb to justify world war 3

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Ukraine is planning to detonate a “dirty nuclear bomb” on its territory in an attempt to spark World War 3.

The Russian Ministry of Defence additionally claimed that two ministers discussed Russia’s war in Ukraine and its “clear tendency for further uncontrollable escalation”.

Russian media outlet RIA Novosti alleged that the Ukrainian government is preparing “a provocation on its own territory involving the detonation of a so-called ‘dirty bomb’ or a low-yield nuclear munition” in order to accuse Russia.

Yahoo News reports: Russian officials claim that “Kyiv has already started to take steps to realise this plan under the guidance of their Western allies.” RIA Novosti claimed that the leaders of the Skhidnyi (Eastern) Ore Mining and Processing Plant (located in the city of Zhovti Vody in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine) and the Kyiv Institute for Nuclear Research have received an order to manufacture the “dirty bomb”.

The Kremlin has asserted that the production of the “dirty bomb” has entered its final stage.

RIA Novosti also reported that the Office of the President of Ukraine is having covert discussions with the UK regarding the “possible handover of nuclear weapons parts to the government in Kyiv”.

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