Dismembered Body Of Millionaire Crypto Influencer Found In Suitcase

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The dismembered body of a missing crypto influencer has been found in a suitcase in Argentina, just weeks after he left disturbing last posts claiming ‘evil people’ wanted to ‘destroy’ him.

Fernando Perez Algaba’s chopped up remains was found inside a red suitcase by a group of children who were playing by a stream in the town of Ingeniero Budge according to Arentinian authorities.

just weeks after his disturbing last posts described ‘evil people’ who wanted to ‘destroy’ him.

TGP reports: As investigators were called to the scene they discovered Algaba’s legs and forearms inside the suitcase and identified him through his various tattoos.

Police later discovered the millionaire’s head and torso in a separate location.

Before he went missing, Algaba posted cryptic messages on social media about “evil people” who were out to get him.

Per The New York Post:

Police have launched a murder investigation after the dismembered remains of missing millionaire Fernando Pérez Algaba, 41, were discovered by a group of children in Argentina over the weekend.

The grisly case came to light after the kids found a red suitcase filled with body parts while playing by a stream in the town of Ingeniero Budge, Buenos Aires Province, on Sunday, Jam Press reported.

The children’s parents notified the Buenos Aires police, who inspected the package and reportedly found the victim’s legs and forearm inside, discovering another whole arm in the stream.

On Wednesday, authorities discovered the missing head and torso, El País reported.

Investigators noted that Algaba’s body was “cleanly amputated” which indicates he was possible killed by a professional contract killer.

An autopsy report revealed Algaba was shot three times before being dismembered.

At the time of writing Argentinian authorities have not announced any possible suspects but an investigation has been launched.

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