Nebraska Defunds Planned Parenthood

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Nebraska finally defunds Planned Parenthood

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has signed into a law a new budget that completely removes funding for Planned Parenthood – an organization that sells aborted fetuses on the black market

The new $8.8 million budget will exclude funding from all clinics that refer women to or perform abortions. reports: It passed the state’s legislature along with a 38-6 vote and required health clinics separate from abortion facilities.

Ricketts, a pro-life governor, suggested the budget reflected his state’s values. “Nebraska is a pro-life state, so our budget should reflect our values. Any organization can have access to these dollars as long as they don’t provide abortions,” he said.

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, claimed the new budget would “block care for 8,000” of its patients.

“We will keep fighting for our patients, and we are exploring all options. Our doors will remain open, and we will continue to offer all of our services,” Meg Mikolajczyk, associate general counsel with Planned Parenthood of Heartland, said.

Planned Parenthood pointed to how its health centers provided services to the vast majority of Title X patients in two of the state’s major cities.

“Without Planned Parenthood, many of our patients could lose access to health care altogether, because other providers cannot serve all of our patients,” Dawn Laguens, executive vice president at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said.

But the governor’s office said the budget maintained Title X funding, suggesting that other clinics could potentially fill the gap left by Planned Parenthood.

“The budget maintains the existing level of Title X funding, which provides reproductive healthcare for thousands of Nebraska women and men,” the governor’s office said.


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