United Nations Conference Warned About Weather Modification

Fact checked
The following video is an excellent speech by Rosalind Peterson, President of the Agriculture Defence Coalition, who addresses a 2007 UN conference on the dangers of weather modification.

The following video is an excellent speech by Rosalind Peterson, President of the Agriculture Defence Coalition, who addresses a 2007 UN conference on the dangers of weather modification.

Peterson warns that our skies are being polluted due to weather modification (cloud seeding), aircraft exhaust and NASA rocket experiments – something that believers in the chemtrails conspiracy believe cause a whole host of health problems, including: 

Neurological effects, heart damage, eyesight issues, reproduction failures, immune system damage, gastrointestinal disorders, damaged kidney, damaged liver, hormonal problems, and more.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Rosalind Peterson had claimed that “chemtrails are real.” Peterson does not mention “chemtrails” in her speech, only normal weather modification (cloud seeding), regular aircraft exhaust and some NASA rocket experiments. She does, however, discuss geoengineering – a practise some conspiracy theorists believe is synonymous with chemtrails.

This article was originally published in 2015 and is frequently updated


  1. Im still a skeptic. Mostly because this is some kook speaking at a conference sponsored by the UN, not AT the UN. Also she’s President of the ‘Agriculture Defense Coalition’ because she is the only member of the Agriculture Defense Coalition.

      • You haven’t got it yet mate…

        These bastards are paid to missinform and call everyone who question to much a conspiracy theorist.

        • Exactly. And they aren’t even worth what they’re paid. Unfortunately, soon it will all be Ai & very difficult to spot.

        • If you have not visited Clifford Carnicom’s site, I heartily recommend it. He is a citizen scientist who has been investigating since the late nineties and there is a wealth of info on this site…also info on Morgellons.

      • “Former Defense Industry Technician,” for what company? This is just like the National Enquirer – where there are a multitude of people “quoted” yet none of them have specific credentials. Nobody has an actual company tied to their name, BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL PAID ACTORS!

          • OK, so maybe they’re not paid actors, but really, if any one of them will give the name of the company or division where they worked, they might be believable. As it is, they’re not credible. That’s like me telling you I worked for a secret department in a government agency, and we created bionic toads, and I really saw them! They were lifting cars every time they jumped underneath them. And you should really believe me!

          • If you have an open mind you’ll find all the information you need from Dane Wittington at: geoengineeringwatch.org

            The fact is, many people who have gotten to close to exposing this travesty (especially the programs at Wright/Patterson Airbase) have got major blowback since the whole issue has been covered up since the early 60s.

          • Yes , Dane’s site is a good source. I purchased the 2 videos What in the World Are They Spraying and Why In The World Are They Spraying , and showed the to anyone who would come. Geoengineering is very dangerous to the plkanet’s welfare. Dane is in these.

          • I’m so glad you’re smart enough to spend your hard earned money on videos that have no proof, no redeeming qualities. Good on ya!

        • You are so knowledgeable! I know our government would never lie to us or use disinformation! The government always does what is good for us. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom!

          • Easy to say people lie because everybody lies from time to time. The government is run by people that are voted into office. Those elected people are always a member of a political party. If you do not support the party in power then you are conditioned to believe that they are lying all the time. But, you will rarely say that your own party in power is lying to you. It’s always the other guy that’s lying. When you blame the government for problems, ask yourself if you aren’t partially to blame. If you do not vote, stop complaining. You do not have the right. If you voted then you have all the right in the world to complain when government screws-up. Or do something about it, namely vote for somebody or run for office if you don’t like the other candidates. But if you’re not participating in the political process then STFU!

          • Read”” Weather as a Force Magnifier…Air Force Paper on the weaponization of weather. Dates back to the nineties. This program is administered by the US Navy and the Air Force. The info is on line. But if you are not interested in facts, then you have to have an agenda that supports this attack on all human beings and are being paid in money or in power. This video is right on target if you will listen to these experts. If you are not interested in learning this, you already know it and are part of the mass extermination of people.

      • Some hillbilly produces weird mason jar, local news station tests it. Now thats some controlled science for you.

        • 174 page military report on a program which began in the 60s, can be seen at: geoengineeringwatch.org

          Wake the heck up, we’re being poisoned, all in the name of “Solar Radiation Management” Look it up!

          • Its not like just anybody can post a WEBSITE after all. I have cash money that says this guy has a room with walls covered in newspaper clippings and red string.

          • I agree. He’s reading the crap on that page from someone who has no education whatsoever. These tin-hat wearing folks are really funny.

          • I think you may put to much stock in higher education. Can’t help but read “elitism” with quite a few of your comments. Truth is, what’s right is right, regardless of the source.

          • You know, Templewind, you’re correct. Just like folks thought the earth was flat for so long, until proof came about that it wasn’t. What’s right is right.

          • People, there is no reason to even reply… there are either paid shills
            but more than likely just little idiots that have nothing better to
            do with their worthless lives

          • Please show me the paycheck I’m getting. Trust me, I have lots of things going on, but when folks like you, who hide behind the Disqus anonymity, call me an idiot, I once again ask you to prove your point. When you give me some valid data, I will happily talk with you about it. Until then, I just keep answering away.

          • Now Sean, We know how smart you are. Since you have the biggest source of knowledge in front of you… you could just use it! Even if all you did was look at the 10’s of thousands of pictures taken from the USA and other NATO countries, you could see there is reason to investigate what is going on. I live in a rural area but have watched our skies filled with chemtrails for years. The worst I saw was the whole sky filled with parallel-o-gram line in two directions creating a grid of diamond patterns. As they grew, the whole sky filled in as if it was a natural cloudy day. I have been in construction most of my life so the sky means everything to me… as I can’t work outside in bad weather. The most obvious chemtrails had the look of a one sided zipper. It took a special piece of equipment to create that pattern. I always wondered if all the chemtrails over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California stopped a lot of evaporation which is where their rainfall comes from.

            Please don’t try an blow any more smoke up my ass… as long as you decide to remain ignorant, just keep it to yourself.


          • Could be. All I know about Dane personally is that he started this investigation because his ranch was seeing a 30% drop in the sun’s rays hitting his huge banks of solar panels. His trees also began dying at an incredible.

            Five or six years later (currently) he is a top level advocate for exposing what he found to be government cover-ups regarding their seeding programs.

          • Yes….Dane is doing a job hardly anyone else is. But Clifford Carnicom has been investigating since late nineties and has an extensive laboratory.

          • People, there is no reason to even reply… there are either paid shills but more than likely just little idiots that have nothing better to do…

          • You,’be done your homework! Check your Clifford Carnicom! Great and extensive scientific site.

          • Thanks for the site. Got it bookmarked and from just a scant perusal it looks pretty good!

          • Just saw you checked Carnicom out….very scientific…Morgellons is very real and we have two people in my area that are reportedly successful in treating it…using energy work.

      • Yes, Mt Shasta School children confirmed this. Aluminum Strontium and Barrium are commonly used. But Carnicom has confirmed many other components

    • Well, this kook is just another piece of the puzzle. But if you research the subject a little more, you’ll see that governments admit that they are spraying stuff under the euphemism of “geo-engineering” or “climate control” or “weather remediation”. What they DON’T say is exactly what the ingredients are. Hell, China openly admits that they release aluminum (toxic) in to the atmosphere.

      If you watch “What In the World Are They Spraying”, you’ll see a video of a recorded conference (public domain) with a government agency where they are talking about some of the things they are spraying (admitting that they ARE spraying), and in that conference one person asks what the long term effects are, and the guy finally admits “we don’t know…”

    • If you would like to see a 174 page Government report on this topic go to geoengineeringwatch.org
      I think it’s about half down and to the right at the homepage.

      Not only does it address the issue, but also calculates hundreds of thousands of dollars loss to the farming communities. This is one of the most deadly things our government has/is done/doing, plus they’ve purposefully closed it up. A real shame!

          • This is a report from the ’70s essentially about cloud seeding. Which everybody knows about, and has been played with for a hundred years (without much success). This is supposed to prove what? That people have been trying to modify the weather since the beginning of time? What would be shocking is if reports like this didnt exist. Hell the Pentagon had a research program into using ‘psychics’ to try to spy on the Soviets… does that prove psychics exist?

          • I understand. Was just attempting to establish some of the beginning facts regards interest in the science. When you look at the whole “Solar Radiation Management” issue, and The Royal Society’s involvement it, it only makes one wonder why so many “officials” deny it’s even happening.

            In addition, the Patterson/Wright Airbase is one of the centers of actual application of the technology. And as you probably know, they are involved with many projects as a highly secretive, National Security research facility.

            So, for something that most believe isn’t happening there are quite a few heavy hitters with 100s of billions available to them just playing in the sky with projects that have their beginning decades ago. Or, maybe they’re just twiddling their thumbs? I think not.

            Bottom line, I think you’ld be more intellectually honest if you looked at this subject more thoroughly than to write it off as non-existent.

          • Check out Clifford Carnicom’s site. He has extensive lab equipment and a great site that he’s been running for vyears!

          • You don’t use Barium, Cessium, Aluminum ets for cloud seeding. But heavy metals are only part of that. See. Check out Clifford Carnicom’s site, but only if you are interested and not a Gov mole that gets paid to discredit things. Also, you have to have the guts to learn about things that are scary!

    • People who listen to what their Government tell them always believe them. You are too stupid, too scared of the unknown, you fear anything that you do not understand. Open your eyes. Sheep.

    • So you would prefer to swallow the government disinformation? Look up the AF paper about Weather as a Force Magnifier. Weather has been weaponized and is mostly handled under DARPA. Along with chem trails (aerosol spraying) Tesla technology is used in conjunction with HAARP and other programs.

    • “still a skeptic” .. ? —You are so behind the times, Bro. I’ve known about Climate Engineering since 1996 and it’s been going on a hell of a lot longer than that …

      “Chemtrails” is the non-science term for Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and they are having a devastating effect on the biosphere of our Planet as well as the health of millions of people all over the world.

      • Thanks to Nick Begich, I learned about this primarily from his book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP in the late nineties. A funny side note, I am a psychologist who was working in Northern Arkansas and was taking pictures of aerosol spraying one day in the Walmart Parking lot. As people came out, I pointed up to the sky and tried to alert people….they looked at me as if I were a kook and did everything but make the sign of the cross with their fingers as they scurried away. It is so against believeability that we would be sprayed with toxic chemicals that it is difficult for people to even entertain the idea….but that was years ago and now most people are aware.

        • They sprayed Agent Orange or something like that over Glynn County, Ga back a long time ago.
          We have a high rate of cancer in this area, especially young children. And what about GMO foods?
          I don’t think it is even allowed in other countries but anything goes in this one. I wonder if all this mess in the skies had anything to do with the problem with the honeybees? Back in the 60’s & 70’s I don’t remember seeing chemtrails in the sky, but they sprayed that stuff in our skies way back then, maybe because we were a small town back then..hmmm. Hillary says she’s gonna combat Global Warming, so look for even more!

          • I lived in GA for years in the sixties seventies and eighties. Sorry to hear about the high Cancer rate. Yes GMOs and Chem trails are connected. Did you know aluminum resistant Actually, spraying is worldwide but i read that Russia is resisting. Do you follow Geoengineering Watch?

          • Everything you say makes perfect sence — American population are sleepwalkers – people become very ANGRY when you try to wake them up…they have more “important”” things to do, watch tv and do their nails…. But they must wake up before all their children die out… in Jude’s horror hospitals. Thank you !

          • What more proof do people need, IT IS THE GOVERMENT, vs the People., the arrival of PRESIDENT TRUMP showed it more.

      • I was always told that Chem trails were always caused by the the water condensation going through a jet engine. Do they set up all jets with chemicals to spray that stuff. Come on, you know they don’t. Way too many jets, I mean all jets, have chem trails.

        • No, all jets do not have chemtrails. Look up. Everyday. Contrails are water vapor. They form at over 30,000 feet as the water vapor freezes at that altitude. The contrails are short as they essentially melt (at the end) after being up a short period of time. The length of the contrail is short because of the melting. By contrast, a chemtrail does not ‘melt’ since it is loaded with nano-particulates of aluminum, barium, mercury, lead, arsenic, strontium, radioactive thorium. For a complete list go to geoengineering watch.org where you will see that the list is much, much longer. And an above comment “actually, spraying is worldwide” is absolutely true. You can google “chemtrails over (name any country)” and citizens will have posted pictures and videos they have taken themselves.

          Sadly, Rosalind Peterson did not stress the extent of worldwide spraying, nor that she has photo documentation going back to the 90’s. She also didn’t show pictures of the dead trees, or the analysis of chemicals found in the snow of Mt. Shasta.She was being quite polite and stressing the agricultural problems, which are entirely valid, but so much more could have been said about people’s health…but then, when, as of late, has Congress cared much about the people.

          Two years ago, Earthday, I participated in an anti- climategeoengineering march in Asheville, NC. There were marches in 138 countries throughout the world. There was no news coverage in the US. I found ONE video on You Tube and it was done in Italy, where the march through the city street looked as packed as our Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. And yes, all Europeans are far more informed that we are.

          And to the skeptics (because who in their right mind could believe such a travesty is going on), I would suggest they look into this. Surely, if it is not true, then there is no problem…but if true, it is way bad. For one, aluminum is associated with autism and Alzheimer’s,,,,and both are on a big increase in the past decades.

          And just an aside, On one of my cross country trips to California, I took pictures of the chemtrails above the cumulus clouds as we were flying below the chemtrails and above the normal clouds.

          For the skeptics brave enough to look into “but, just what if….” Geoengineeringwatch.org is a good place to start.

      • The best way to get to trolls and non-believers is to ignore them. They need anger and come backs to make their lives worth while.

    • Apparently you don’t know what a natural sky looks like. What we see is not even close. The whole global warming craprogram is so destitute of intelligence. IF they get EVERYONE ON THE PLANET to do what they are TOLD to do by the people CAUSING EVERY ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM ON THE PLANET (the rich who run every major corporation) to become environmental slaves to them for ONE HUNDRED YEARS – the planet WILL STILL WARM, but it will do so by ONE TENTH OF A DEGREE KELVIN LESS than if you were free. Oooooh. That is ZERO climatic impact.

      When the spraying begins here in N Calif – the day IMMEDIATELY warms up, the mountains a quarter mile away have haze btwn me and them, the eyes burn, the lungs get sore sometimes…. NEVER happens on clear, rare, blue, natural sky days.

      Think for yourself, observe for yourself. It would be interesting to see if you’ve changed in the year since you posted this above comment

      • I am 80 and it grieves me that my children and grandchildren aren’t experiencing the world, and skies, as I did. This mostly started after WWII and, although Tesla technology is used, as In HAARP, I wonder how much we merged with the Nazi science. Jim Marrs book about the New Fourth Reich is so on target. It was a different world in the forties and late thirties.

        • Greatest AND worst generation. Worked with a lot of depression babies in the CCTV system at Nat’l Parachute Test Range in Seeley Ca 76-77 or so – and ALL had a REALLY GREAT family life. Most lived in the country, and had all the food they could eat. They got one pair of shoes and wore them to school until they wore out – worked the farm in bare feet until next school year.

          They had GREAT TIMES – you coul swim in the creeks, play in the woods – and you always had chores and the greatest food you could ever want to eat.

          But they were propagandized into “WE ARE POOR!!!” and when they finished WWII they were convinced that factory work and city/suburban living was what made them “not poor”. So they became total fools and stooges for corporations which used THAT generation and their sense of economic inferiority, to become totally abusive and controlling. They now openly control the govt.

          We need to go back to simpler times – perhaps something more tribal/anarchy. Anarchy from the Greek – An, meaning without, and Archon (ark-on) ruler – without ruler.

          The fake leaders are just political prostitutes to the rich, and the rich are imbeciles with infantile greed complexes they can never satisfy, so they have the power, and DO kill you, i, and the planet.

          • Country boy, ain’t got no shoes.
            Country boy, ain’t got no blues.
            Well, you work all day
            While you’re wantin’ to play
            In the sun and the sand,
            With a face that’s tan.
            At the end of the day,
            When your work is done,
            You ain’t got nothin’ but fun.
            Country boy, ain’t got no ills.
            Country boy, don’t owe no bills.
            Country boy, ain’t got no ills.
            Country boy, don’t owe no bills.
            You get a wiggly worm,
            And then you watch him squirm.
            While you put him on a hook,
            And you drop him in a brook.
            If everything’s gonna turn out right,
            You’re gonna fry fish tonight.
            Country boy, got a lot to lose.
            Country boy, how I wish I was in your shoes.

          • I agree that living more simply (to me that equates with being closer to nature) is healthier and better. We have learned about grounding and the benefits of being connected to the earth.. Wearing plastic and rubber soled shoes insulates us…barefoot and leather shoes are the only way we can connect with Mother Earth and benefit from her energy flow. The shadow government, one world order, oligarchy…many names for the one world order that conservatives have warned about for so long. We are so propagandized….see Global Research for a great explanation of the hospitals being bombed and the horrble part the US has in the Middle East Carnage …the latest being a teaching hospital . This was led by Israeli USA NATO forces. Has anyone else noticed how our gov was shipping arms to the “Syrian Rebels” aka Islamic Radicals? We live in a world where none of our country’s real actions, such as aerosol spraying, are known….and disbelieved because we know that our gov wouldn’t do that! We give 3 billion to Israel a year for Arms while we have homeless children sleeping in the streets and going hungry, let alone families not having to work 2 to 3 jobs to survive. Global Research is one site where you can learn about what really goes on…for now that is while we have some semblance of news from the internet. TPP will end net neutrality and we will be darker in ignorance than we are now.

          • You make me feel good in that all these things have been known by me for years – after being totally apolitical in the 80s/90s.
            Stepped back into the snake pit a few years back because it suddenly dawned on me that mandatory vaccination was going to be the SWAT assault to blow open the doors of your private freedoms – and they are stupid and ineffectual at best, dangerous and damaging for many.

            Zionists are the worst people in the world, but i went big picture. It vastly simplifies the landscape. It started w/the “elites”. i thought – “Who are all these people that think they are better than anyone/everyone else?” Turns out the definition of elite/power elite is “the best and the brightest”.

            Really stupid for them to inextricably link THEIR WEALTH AND POWER with their intelligence. The “best” part? Dump that definition. Without parameters, scale, comparison – it is totally meaningless. They are not the best scientists, athletes, philosophers. Are the best badminton racket stringers? Best sidewalk dog-shit eaters? Maybe – but we have nothing to compare so the definition is worthless.

            Brightest – meaning they think they are smarter. 3 possible links btwn $$$/intelligence. Random. This would remove their being “special” in any sense. They don’t want that one.
            Money bought their brains. Really? Maybe it provided a more thorough education, but their base intellect is their base intellect, and so far, i’m not impressed by it. (third)Their intellect brought them their wealth. Well – not from the inherited wealth sorts it didn’t. Neither does it explain why MENSA isn’t overflowing with multi-billionaires. Why Einstein etc weren’t vastly wealthy.

            Then when you look at the RESULT of a planet run by rich psychopaths, it turns out to be that EVERY system on this planet which makes living possible is being killed – at an increasing pace. Well – when the rich themselves need this planet to survive – that actually makes them $)^%&)# IDIOTS, totally devoid of wisdom, and morally retarded spiritual cretins. Apparently in order to be a billionaire, multi-millionaire you almost have to be a psychopath.

          • Expanding on your (correct) interpretation of ‘how we got here’, I have my sad misgivings about the ability of our younger generation being able to wrestle their common sense and liberties back from ‘the machine’. I do not believe that a generation of opiate addicts was just an unfortunate social tragedy. I believe it was by design. The number of ‘legal’ opiate drugs put out on the streets (i.e. oxycontin) could not have been by accident. That they command such a high price in comparison to heroin should not go unnoticed.

            By no coincidence, this is the same generation that has now glutted the ‘social welfare programs’ (illegals not inclusive) with demands for ‘free stuff’. A generation of people who have come to conclude that having a child is a ‘career choice’ in that having a child ‘entitles’ them to ‘free’ stuff (a roof over their head, food, cash, etc.) at the expense of people actually going out to ‘work for a living’.

            This generation of people have become conditioned to realize that ‘the government’ will give them everything for nothing. Laziness and a complete lack of motivation is rewarded with just enough to sit in front of the ‘tele’ instead of going out to put food on the table – yet not enough to ‘keep up with the Jones’. So, they have all this time to ‘want’ – and those television commercials make sure they keep wanting.

            That said, that this generation of ‘parents’ are so utterly incapable of actually parenting their children seems irrelevant because they only needed to create another bureaucracy to control that: DSS/DCF. This, of course, becomes yet another cash cow for the corrupted government. This gives the government yet more control over our children. More concerning, mandated reporters has continued to grow to include virtually anyone in contact with a child (think Mccarthyism).

            In short, unless enough people take a stand soon, I think the FEMA camps will be filled to capacity soon enough and there will be little hope for simpler times…..though I haven’t given up just yet. 🙂

          • i think you may have hit the nail on the head – you gotta stop that – we’re talking societal analysis, not carpentry. Leave that nail stuff to us professionals, dammut.

            My hope is that people CAN rebound. Why? Because there is the possibility of having a vibrant, healthy life out there, but people are NOT exposed to this possibility. There are criminals – really bad ones – and “criminals” who are being healed by gardening. Building simple, small communities centered around tiny homes with communal kitchens, garden and common areas and functions.

            My experience is (and my wife – who runs Real Goods in Hopland and is always running into homestead/garden/alternative energy wannabees) that people that touch this wonderful aspect of a more natural life tend to almost always LOVE it and get very, very excited.

            When people are kept in the cities they don’t tend to be allowed to catch awareness of the many ways that even there, they can make a difference, but huge things are happening inside the cities too. Oakland, San Fran, Cleveland, you name it – there are people breaking paradigms and living better, connecting to others more – from ghetto to suburbia. It is truly, truly hopeful – and deep. Grassroots that won’t be programmed away once one has experienced it.

    • Why don’t you look up the Canada/US Geoengineering Agreement that includes the flying of US chemtrails planes within 200 mi of the Cdn/US border. Guess that’s just someone learning to write, eh? How about the law in Texas which prohibits them from creating hail when chemtrailing…just stupid Texans writing laws for nothing, eh? Sometimes peoples skepticism keeps them from finding truth.

      • There are two kinds of people that aren’t interested in learning the truth. Those who are paid to discredit and those who love to fight and get people riles up.

        J Smith, I think we have a lot of these on this site.

    • Are you a jew paid from Isntreal to spew this mis/disinfo??? What a fucking TOOL. They are FARMERS ie “AGRICULTURE???????” Get it yet?????????? My GAWD people like you need The Walking Dead.

    • I suggest you watch What in the World Are They Spraying. Also, REad the AR paper titled Weather As a Force Magnifier. This as been going on for decades. or you can wait another 20 years to decide

    • Im still a skeptic too. Again a big article, big claims … but very thin on evidence . After years and years of claims … not one pilot, ground crew or clear video/photo evidence has come forward. Yes when know about geoengineering research and the use of chemicals to try and manipulate weather etc … but a world wide, orchestrated, functioning policy ….. I dont think so. ASK yourselfs this question …. who benefits from perpetuating this conspiracy claim ???
      If you can answer that you will realise why its all nonesense!

    • proof for chemtrails
      current cia director admits geo enginnering = spray the sky to reflect sun beam to fight clime chnage as he said except the word spay, it were his words. 2. the dose makes the poison, are they us mg or tones? right, tons.
      3. do they use carrot juice? herbs ^^ or chemical stuff? just logical thinking for itself let me get this conclustion.

      • CIA director admits to drinking coffee in the mornings. Obviously that proves that coffee is being poured into water supplies as a mind control agent. Its just simple logic.

    • You went really deep into being a skeptic on this one. How bout going deep the other way?

    • You will always remain a skeptic, even when the planet is dying from the lack of sun, no trees, vegetation,die off of all the animals, including humans. Thats you…………

    • From the name calling it sounds like a remark made by the bleeding heart liberals. They don’t have answer’s to refute the truth so they can only respond with name calling. You would have to live under a rock not to notice the tic tac toe patterns in the skies on a daily basis. Instead of name calling why don’t you come up with some hard evidence that this lady is a member of an organization which she alone is a member or she get’s her kicks entertaining people with such silly nonsense. My guess is you are a government shrill!

      • They’re called airplanes. I know the basic science of contrails escapes you, but I assure you, the explanation is very simple.

  2. Im still a skeptic. Mostly because this is some kook speaking at a conference sponsored by the UN, not AT the UN. Also she’s President of the ‘Agriculture Defense Coalition’ because she is the only member of the Agriculture Defense Coalition.

    • You haven’t got it yet mate…

      These bastards are paid to missinform and call everyone who question to much a conspiracy theorist.

    • “Former Defense Industry Technician,” for what company? This is just like the National Enquirer – where there are a multitude of people “quoted” yet none of them have specific credentials. Nobody has an actual company tied to their name, BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL PAID ACTORS!

    • OK, so maybe they’re not paid actors, but really, if any one of them will give the name of the company or division where they worked, they might be believable. As it is, they’re not credible. That’s like me telling you I worked for a secret department in a government agency, and we created bionic toads, and I really saw them! They were lifting cars every time they jumped underneath them. And you should really believe me!

    • The fact is, many people who have gotten to close to exposing this travesty (especially the programs at Wright/Patterson Airbase) have got major blowback since the whole issue has been covered up since the early 60s.

    • Maybe you could take your head out….and if you think you’ll be missing something, never fear, it’s stinky out here too.

    • You are so knowledgeable! I know our government would never lie to us or use disinformation! The government always does what is good for us. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom!

    • Yes , Dane’s site is a good source. I purchased the 2 videos What in the World Are They Spraying and Why In The World Are They Spraying , and showed the to anyone who would come. Geoengineering is very dangerous to the plkanet’s welfare. Dane is in these.

    • I’m so glad you’re smart enough to spend your hard earned money on videos that have no proof, no redeeming qualities. Good on ya!

    • Exactly. And they aren’t even worth what they’re paid. Unfortunately, soon it will all be Ai & very difficult to spot.

    • If you have not visited Clifford Carnicom’s site, I heartily recommend it. He is a citizen scientist who has been investigating since the late nineties and there is a wealth of info on this site…also info on Morgellons.

    • I understand Google and other corporations are into Ai. Corporations are taking over for government

  3. This is true damnit. The chemicals have been found in the soil.. She is telling the truth. I have seen and heard former employees of the companies that do this with the help of the Air Force. Al Gore admitted this on video. Stop with this childish tin foil hat crap. You are the dumb asses. Not her.

    • You’re an idiot. This Agriculture Defense Coalition is a sham, written by someone who’s not too educated, but likes to make things up. First, it would never take an entire year to update the website, as it says on the top of the page. Second, spelling and grammar is atrocious. Third, there is zero proof of anything asserted. Examples: I’m sure that someone is spending money to bring Dead Sea Salt to modify weather in Texas, not. Another piece – saying that water vapor is :a potent greenhouse gas.” What a crock.

      Please keep your tinfoil hat on, Julie. You’ll need it.

      • Only an idiot ignore the scientific evidence. You know, that mountain of stuff produced in Shasta California, for those that can read.

        • What proof? Show some. I see none at all. Heck, you couldn’t even post a link to a reputable source. Nice work.

          • Nice work indeed, how much you getting paid shill? Treacherous piece of shit.

          • Now with the name calling. There’s the Jersey in you coming out. I particularly like the “treacherous” part. I don’t know what you think you know, but I sell homes. I’m just smarter than to believe this BS.

          • What’s fun is that, every time one of you people gets flustered, and can’t come up with any proof of your beliefs, you start name-calling. Yes, I watched your video, with the website overlaid for an Oldies Radio Station (but no TV station, hmmmm) and sure, maybe I can believe that there was some testing done in the 50’s. Still no proof of your chemtrails.

      • Only an idiot ignores the scientific evidence. You know, that mountain of
        stuff produced in Shasta California, for those that can read.

    • This SEAN DUDE has to be an IMBRED. HE will most likely vote for Hillary and help bring in Sharia law and give all the illegal immigrants a free ride also. I hope he doesn’t reproduce

      • Haha, Imbred. Good word, sir. As for your comments about what I’d vote for, it sounds like you and I are on the same page – I will not vote for Hillary, Sharia Law has no place in the entire world, let alone this country, and if someone wants to immigrate here, more than welcome, there are many legal means to do so. Those that cross the borders illegally need to be sent back.

        As for Laurence, I’m trolling this topic now because I have you riled up. Much fun to watch all those who are following blindly weigh in with no valid proof.

        Speaking of which, do you have any yet? Didn’t think so. Have a good night, and don’t forget your aluminum foil hat – hate for the aliens to scan your brain while you sleep.

        • Yes I’m sure riling people up over possible illegal activity just for fun. Walk away man, you look silly now, you have no support on this thread. You’ve been made. Step off, troll the JFK Assassination or something easier with less evidence. You are way in over your head here.

          • I’ve been made? Oh, that’s rich. As for in over my head, I’m the only one who has shown any proof of anything on this board – I’m definitely not in over my head. You try to make an argument, yet in order to make a valid argument, you must have proof. In order to claim proof, you must cite reputable sources. To be a reputable source, one needs to have credentials, not just comments about being a “former airline pilot” or being a “former government worker.” That’s where the joke is, to me, you believe these people.

          • 29 comments so far on your account just to troll investigators. TSK TSK….bad boy.

          • Your entire argument is based on logical falicys, ignoring information because of crack pots or its not reputable enough for you while doing nothing but provide the same lip service. Some of the most important discoveries where made in rinky dink labs. So i fail to see how reputation is relevant here. take evidence over the lip service. Or you can choose to remain ignorant.

          • That was a response to se an. Oops haha. But seriously do the experiment yourself if you don’t want to believe. Stop being lazy and make up your own mind with your own findings. If your not willing to do that then shut up and listen when evidence is presented.

          • I believe them over you, yes, you are not a scientist, or a doctor, or a professor or anything except maybe daft or corrupt, judging by your posts the latter. The fact that you consider yourself a source if information is where the joke is, to me, I believe these people over you Sean Doughherty -with no pic or profile info. 🙂

  4. The first time I became curious about chem-trails was before I knew what they were or what they were called. I just looked up one day and saw a tic-tac-toe design, my friend got a picture of one he saw in an almost pentacle shape. This was something new. I had never seen this before. I love looking at the sky, ever since i was a kid and stargazed. This looked to me like some kind of illegal spraying. I had heard of other times certain government agencies did this. An example would be

    http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2008/06/12/18506496.php and now the government has declassified documents and video showing illegal experimentation on citizens since the WWII era. Government agencies have been caught or have admitted to experimentation on people in the US and other parts of the world many times. Of courser there isn’t a lot of information out for present experimentation for obvious reasons. This just came out in the mainstream. Ironically you see Fox News local subsidiaries report these things more than anyone else. There is an actual Fox report talking about it and claiming they had witnessed the lab reports. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okB-489l6MI It may also explain why it has become illegal in many states to collect rainwater. I mean i used to be a private detective but this is one of those “conspiracy theories” that’s totally in your face and anyone can notice it and go “hmm..”. The trolls and shills over this issue are pretty see through guys. Don’t think “conspiracy theory”, think “criminal activity”.

    • Well, first off, the reason that it’s illegal to collect rainwater in many states is that the water law in many states says that the water that falls to the ground, and subsequently seeps into the aquifers and rivers, belongs to those who are “first in right.” What this means is that whoever has senior water rights, owns the water. So that’s the actual explanation for why one cannot collect rainwater. Myth #1 debunked.

      Second, the article you post a link to has a specific purpose, and those planes were much lower than those you are claiming are leaving chemtrails. Plus, if it was such a government conspiracy, then nobody would have announced it to the public. Myth #2 debunked.

      Third, for someone to be able to claim that something is happening, without any proof, whatsoever, is stupidity. This is inane as those who claim the earth is flat, even though there’s scientific proof that it’s not. If this was real, then you would have gone up in an airplane and collected some of these “chemtrails” in collection containers for study at reputable labs. Nobody has done this, and the reason, I’d have to guess, is that they’re nothing more than water vapor.

      Good luck, crackpot. I do love your tenacity in believing in these apparitions – it’s good to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another beer, as the beer in my fridge is real.

      • I’m posting News Reports, what are you posting Mr Shill? I like that “flat-earth” comment, since you didn’t use it forever ago with “tinfoil hats” and “conspiracy theorist”, I can only assumed you asked for help. You are the worst shill ever. FTL

          • It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

        • It’s water vapor.

          When you have exhaust in excess of 750 C hitting air that is around -35 C, that creates condensation of the water in the air.

          The “trails” criss-cross because the aircraft are following an IFR route structure (much like car traffic on highways).

          If you think that a contrail has been in the air for more than half of an hour, it is most likely that you are simply seeing follow on air traffic flying the same route.

          As for “seeding” clouds for rainfall or weather modification, those are purpose built aircraft that target specific cumuliform cells…..not just overfly at high altitude.

      • LOL REPUTABLE LABS! HAHAHAAH!!!!! As opposed to disreputable thug labs HAHAHAHAHA!!! Keep going buddy, this is fun owning you.

        • Show me something from MIT, or Harvard, or Princeton. Show me anything that has gone to a laboratory, as you haven’t yet.

          • I don’t have to prove anything to you, that’s why this is so funny. 🙂 I have already posted to the serious posts who will, like normal people, investigate for themselves using the available information since Harvard or Princeton isn’t going to gift wrap it for them. I don’t get paid like you, so I cant hover over this webpage 24/7, but this thread has served it’s purpose and I got to own a shill. Hard.

          • I’m glad you don’t have to prove anything to me, because you haven’t proven your case, at all. As for owning me, if I was a paid shill, then you still wouldn’t have beaten me. As it sits, I’m not, so you just keep with your conspiracy theories – everyone’s out to get you, I’m sure. Just a poor loser from NJ who couldn’t hack it in the US and moved to Columbia, because your poor grasp of the English language wouldn’t stand out there.

            I will say that your argument about the US doing all of these chemtrails is funny, because now you’re claiming they’re there in Columbia, too. I’m sure the US is dropping chemicals there, too. I do hope that your mind is stronger than real life, because if you believe that these chemtrails will cause you to be impotent, maybe there is a hope you won’t reproduce.

            Lastly, you keep yapping your unsubstantiated ideas to the people who already believe it. You’re not convincing anyone with half a brain. Makes me happy, because your big mouth will keep you from ever having any sort of upward movement in social status – everyone you come near will realize you’re certifiable. This will be my last post. Enjoy your ignorance. Oh, and when you find these payments that I you say I’m receiving, please let me know where they are, I’d be happy for a few extra bucks. Oh yeah, you’ll find those payments right about the time you find proof of chemtrails. Besides, who would be paying me? There’s no cover-up, therefore there’s no “big bad group” who doesn’t want little old Laurence to know about their activities.

          • Now your doing it right, Shills must attack the person’s background, well done! You’re gettin better! Maybe I should get paid for supervising you. Proof, i want proof waaah waah, lol thats how you sound.

          • Laurence is right, he doesnt have to prove anything to you. Ignorance is on individual basis. And that Harvard talk is plain stupid.

          • Shut your fucking yapper! You guys are making me fucking SICK to my stomach! I dont giva FUCK what this shit is about, i just watched a fucking video and am reading the comments and its ppl like you that make me wish eugenics were still being practiced today because you are a fucking imbecile and a fucking idiot! Shut your fucking mouth and get off the internet you fucking troll, argument starter! God don’t like ugly, so he must fucking HATE you!

          • Must’ve hit a nerve with someone who’s not too smart. Those who cannot form an intelligent argument supplement what little they have to say with swearing. Note that she has nothing substantial in her comment.

          • Thought that was gonna be your LAST post? Get the fuck outta here. You didnt hit a nerve its the way i fucking talk when i read the annoying shit like your spewing out of that fucking argument starter of a hole in your face you pathetic nay-sayer. Go eat some GMO’s and choke. You make me fucking wish someone would just nuke us all in order to destroy humanity and put an end to the chance of you ever reproducing and if you already have, then Thank God i’ll be dead by the time your offspring are running this bitch

          • So again, not a single constructive argument as to why you believe in chemtrails, of which there is zero proof. Please go put your aluminum foil hat back on, so people don’t have to just hear you open your mouth to know you’re nuts. Or, you can find me some proof of this so-called government conspiracy (like that will happen)

          • I deliberately made sure my comment contained nothing substantial because I ain’t giving you shit to argue with me about. Trust and believe this though, I deliberately disguise my intelligence, this way, I appear to be “dummed down” so that those who are doing the dumming down will believe it’s working. Kinda like playing dead when the bad guys show up. I’m one step ahead of you fool. You’re better off just keeping your fucking mouth shut because I will tear you apart verbally until you finally just go the fuck away. How’s that for substance?

          • Good for you. You deliberately argued why I should believe that chemtrails are real, yet give no reasons. That will sway lots of people. As for tearing me apart verbally, you have only gotten louder, yet your argument has now gone to yelling at me. Again, that will convince nobody. I can do this all day, at least until I have something more fun to do. Enjoy yourself!

          • I’m repeating myself, but Dane Wittington at: geoengineeringwatch.org has spent the last several years of his life investigating Solar Radiation Management, and has put together tons of information including tests and government studies. This is a very important topic which affects all of us, especially the children whose immune systems aren’t completely developed.

          • Thank you for the information, Templewind. First off, isn’t his name Dane Wigington? I looked thru the website, but I can’t seem to find any of Dane’s credentials. Did he go to MIT? Or Harvard? Actually, I can’t find any history of his schooling, except that he was a contractor for home building. If you want to blindly follow this guy, go for it. You can also talk to the moron Laurence above, he also drinks the Kool Aid. Funny, he will blindly follow people, too, with no proof whatsoever.

          • I follow no one blindly, even Jesus Christ. I’ve just been impressed by what one individual can do with laser focus, on a single issue. Clearly, his motives are right in bringing the information before the people. That goes a long way with me in a time of questionable motives in so many.

          • Your HAARPing on Ivy League Schools betrays a lack of self confidence that needs to cite major schools. You are revealing yourself.

          • Hmmm, considering you are supposedly a psychologist, I would expect that you would understand the importance of the reputations of the schools whose studies prove that these chemtrails exist. Since nobody on this site can actually show any proof whatsoever, from a reputable source, that chemtrails exist, I would say that you’re all nuts. Please, come up with some proof, anything. Otherwise, Patricia, keep claiming you’re a doctor. I would be happy to report you to whatever state you’re supposedly practicing in.

          • Oh, and by the way, if you’re so confident in yourself, you wouldn’t make your profile private. What are you afraid of?

      • myth number 1 debunked? All you did wad show the policy in place for rain water collection then said debunked. Thats like saying money laundering doesn’t happen because its illegal. Plus you offer no counter evidence of your own and just expect people to believe you? Also, those rain water laws are just bull crap ways to gain extra revenue off the backs of citizens who want to cut living costs by utilizing the environment around them. Its classic penny pinching. The government makes the law and gets a kick back from being able to tax rain water, and then the company who laundered the money gets to confiscate “their” watter and sue people for collection. Its just an assanine policy that gives the government power to hassle people over nothing.
        Myth 2 debunked. Really? A non sequitor? If it was a real conspiracy then they wouldn’t announce it to the public? ? Remember when the cia was exposed for distribution of cocaine for the purpose of crack? Or when our government was testing on aids victims? Im going to eat breakfast made from elk. But its not true because i told you about it. Worst argument ever. Obvious non sequitor drival.

        Myth 3 debunked. This one is a dussy. Im going to make a statement without doing any personal research first and will ignore anything i deem a crack pot. Beer is real, so is the information if you just stop being a lazy stubborn person. Just because you haven’t seen the studies, or because they are difficult to locate does not mean they do not exist. Your entire argument is one non sequitor after another topped with ignorance.

        Inform yourself properly and take fact over opinion. Just because someone says its a lie doesn’t mean it is. The evidence should outweigh the tongue, but if you can’t get passed the hearsay and just look at evidence as its presented, then you will just continue to follow lip service as truth.

        • By the way, sir, I do love how you make the jump to a government conspiracy of taxing rainwater. The laws are in place to protect those who own the water. It’s simple, really, if you’re collecting the rainwater, you’re stealing it from someone downstream, who owns the rights to that water. Using your elk analogy, if you shoot an elk at an elk farm, you’re stealing it from the person who has the ownership right to that elk. Yes, it’s that simple.

          When someone goes up and collects these chemtrails, brings them to a reputable lab, and has them analyzed, then I’ll believe whatever the lab says is in the chemtrails. Until then, you’re all nuts.

          Oh, and please, use spell-check – it’s free. Very difficult to read your comments with the bad spelling, grammar, and odd beliefs.

          • I guess i will go purchase a cloud then. Do you hear yourself? No one owns rain water. And you completely missed my point. Maybe you should learn to read.

            You still are running around this non sequitor argument structure. Just because there is a law in place does not make it just.

          • and i never used my elk analogy the way you presented it. taking it completely out of context and changing the entire analogy is not using my analogy against me.

            Look at it this way. Its no different than the concept of the kings forest in mid evil times when they used unjust practices to bull guard the best hunting grounds for royalty then mercilessly tax or punish those who take from it when it used to be fair hunting ground. But because someone got greedy made unjust laws to take more than they need. Its the exact same concept. How do you not see that?

          • I don’t see how the government is getting greedy – they have nothing to do with who owns the water. Nice try, though. Please look up the “First in time, First in line” rule with water rights. This will give you more of an idea as to why the water rights laws are like they are.

          • Actually no i wouldn’t. Im not ignorant to the way the law is written and what they say its for. However i’m smart enough to know bs when i see it.

            See. This is the problem, we’ve all become so stubborn and ignorant that we think we know how someone else will react and will ignore accurate points in an argument because we are too damn proud to admit that we might be wrong. So instead of being adults about it and trying to understand a view outside our own we result to name calling, belittling beliefs, and ignoring anything that doesn’t fit into our carefully pre-packaged view on the world.

            Again im not ignorant to the way the laws work and why they are there. Why are you ignoring a clear cut example of how they are being greedy and un just?

            Definition of greed is taking more than one needs because you feel a false sence of entitlement.

            Just because someone convinced the government they are entitled DOES NOT MEAN they are actually entitled to that water for the same reason its an unjust practice.

            We are not talking about people syphoning lakes or stealing from farms. If a wild elk stumbles its way to an elk farm and you shoot it before it reaches the farm would it be illegal?

            Use some common sence. Technically rain water evaporates from rivers and streams then gets deposited elsewhere by rainclouds. So, by using you logic, nature is constantly stealing water through evaporation then depositing it on others property. But we can’t tax nature so they tax us instead.

            It’d be like if i had a farm and some seeds went away through irrigation or some floated my way from another farm. Does this mean i stole them or someone stole them from me? In cases where nature is the culprit its unjust to have people pay for it. You can use whatever logic (or lack there of) to try and rationalize otherwise, write the most convincing speech, have the best worded policy, but it still not change how justifiable the actions being taken are.

            If you knew anything about logic and philosophy you’d know that.

          • also i was implying that our government bought into the water owners greed. Nice try though.

            Just like they did with alllll the corporations you see. Ever hear of money laundering? Oh but you probably think thats a myth to because a Harvard lawmaker wasn’t the one who caught the scandals.

          • If you don’t like the law, then change it, that’s your right. But, if you were the one who owned the water, and it was being taken from you, you’d be screaming bloody murder. Oh, and please, go buy a cloud. This way you’d be able to actually get some air samples of the vapor trails from jets. Until you have those, this whole chemtrail thing is all unproven.

          • Weather your proving something write or proving something wrong you need evidence.

            So your whole “go get a sample” argument is a cop out. the only rational thing to do if your not going to collect your own samples and run your own experiments is to get rid of your preconceived notions and bias then look at the information available ignoring the lip service from both sides making up your own mind. If you can’t do that then either shut up and move on or collect your own samples to prove that the current findings are wrong.

            Everything else is just bull shit words coming from peoples own bias.

          • You’re exactly correct – if you want to try to say these chemtrails exist, get some proof. I don’t have to prove that they don’t exist, as the majority of people already do not believe they are real, you have to prove your assertion that they do exist.

            You saying to me to get my own samples is silly – it’s like telling me I have to prove that the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist. Sorry, if someone swears that he does exist, bring out some proof. Same with these chemtrails. There are no current findings supporting your belief. When you’re able to show me even one finding that’s true, maybe I’ll take another look. In the meantime, go put your aluminum foil hat back on and keep believing something with no proof.

          • Who said i believe it? My jury is still out on this one. So you are insulting me why? Apparently keeping an open mind means im crazy. If thats true maybe you should wear a foil hat more often.

            The problem is exactly that thinking. Again with a terrible example. Both sides are arguing with no proof one way or the other. So, for either side, they need to adopt an appropriate scientific attitude regardless of weather or not they think its true.

            A prime example. Recently a scientist was working on a study and found flaws in kershoffs laws of thermodynamics. So instead of saying “they’re wrong!” like an idiot he went to the lab and ran experiments and tested the current theories to disprove kershoffs research. This is why what you are saying is a cop out.

            Now the problem with testing the clouds we are seeing is that those who say chemtrail exist don’t have the proper resources to do so. And the ones that have the resources either don’t care, or jumped on the “your a crack pot” bandwagon. So if anything wants to get done, as far as proof goes, either one side needs to give access to their resources so they can run an accurate lab analysis, or do the research themselves.

            And for me, given the governments track record, i say the theorists are more reputable in this situation.

          • I don’t need to – since you have shown no proof, every rational person has moved on. Since you’re still on this rant, your crazy is showing. Nicely done.

          • Yes, the Chemtrail debate has ended world wide. My craziness was foiled again. NEXT TIME GADGET! NEXT TIME!

          • The world does not report to you mister, so you asking for proof is out of the question. You are not the ruller of human life and mind and no one owes you anything! Once again, if you can’t see or tell yourself that weather and skies are different, then it’s hopeless for you!

          • It’s a year later. Your position has been proven wrong. Many mainstream articles now admit that SRM is a multinational exercise conducted by the UN and the US Army. What say you now?

          • Google is your friend. Otherwise wait and keep chalking up that hourly wage. I believe nothing you say….bye bye cupcake.

          • You’re right, Google is my friend, and it’s proving that nothing you say is true. You mention that the Lt. Governor of California has said that he believes in these chemtrails, please show a document where he states that. I’ll wait.

          • First of all no one has ownership over any part of this planet. The nature has got ownership over us, because we wouldnt be here without it and its creatures. People like you keep voting for bank system leadership amd Fox news for choice of information. And secondly, believe it or not you are also affected by the geoengineering, so I dont understand your logic about testing. Maybe you grew up in usa where skies were always engineered so you don’t know better amd can’t differentiate, but for some of us “immigrants”, that is disturbing new patterns and cloud formation observed personally, not told by someone. All you have to do is look at the skies and observe the pattern of formation of clouds. There are death trees in my yard this year, which lived happily until now. I do travel and observe skies when I am in other countries, and havent yet seen skies like those where I am from as well. Also if you observe aircrafts in flight you will notice that not all trails persist which is the norm for vapors, they disappear after few minutes. We are being disconnected from nature and fail to recognise these changes that are not natural at all.

      • Water vapor does not stay in the air for up to 22 hours. Your “debunking” skills need work. You must be a paid shrill to spend the time attacking chemtrail stories…lol Mother nature does not make straight clouds that criss cross. Texas has a publiclicly announced weather modification program to reduce hail, and yes, they spray chemicals 😉 google JFK weather control, and watch him talk about it in 1961. Its a fact whether you choose to “believe” it or not. Do some research instead of “guessing”. Google Geoengineering… another name for it. Your Jedi mind control does not work on everyone… the Force is with me…lol .. .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZMGtJeepyg

        • I think you’re probably right about “paid shill”. Gavin Newsom, current CA Lt. Gov admits it’s happening but is being covered up on an extremely high level. He said (privately) the confidentiality agreements surrounding this issue are “air-tight” and highly punitive.

          Of course, as the stakes get higher, like with nearly all gov cover ups, people will finally say enough is enough. I hope it won’t be too late!

          • You guys are brilliant. I base my decisions on when I see proof from reputable sources. Since you folks are stating “facts” that have no backup, I can’t believe any of it. I do find it funny that you guys seem to think I’m being paid for arguing that you have no facts – I wish I was. I respond to you guys because it amuses me to see how far you’ve gone down the rabbit hole. If there’s some place for me to go to find compensation for the privilege of arguing with you, please tell me where. Have a good night, and don’t tighten the tinfoil cap too tight.

          • You gov has been proved to have lied to the public throughout our history but you still call them a reputable source… that does make you sound real dumb… and how does anyone really know that is your real name… you might as well call yourself JOE

      • Sean Dougherty, Your the crackpot or a shill, I have hundreds and hundreds of photos of jets spraying every damn day right over my house!!! And its scary because government won’t acknowledge what the hell I’m seeing that their doing. They are aerosol spraying actual artificial clouds and this is the elephant in the room of climate change. I’m so furious to see your comment that I want to just let you have it but I realize your just blind as a bat and my real anger is towards the military jets spraying this shit!!

        • So I take it you have photos of the aerosol nozzles on these jets? I’d love to see them. What I really find interesting is that you get so angry over something you have no proof of, you’re just following along blindly with what you’ve been told. I hope that you someday open your eyes and figure things out for yourself, your world will be so much brighter and happier.

          PS – Contrails are actually water vapor. Since we can believe everything on the internet, here’s one explanation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contrail

      • geoengineeringwatch.org
        Get an education before you comment. We realize it’s hard to acknowledge criminality on this level, but there is plenty of proof this is happening AND being covered up.

        The honest politicians admit it, but say there is so much pressure (plus strict confidentiality agreements) they can’t speak out on it, and keep their jobs!

  5. The header on this page reads “The United Nations Admits Chemtrails Are Real” No. The U.N. Did not say that. This one woman with an agenda said that.

  6. I wish she’d make up her mind. In one sentence, she talks about global warming; in another she talks about global dimming (which would cool the earth). So, which is it? No evidence is given as to cannisters, sources of chemicals, purpose of the experiments. She simply attributes any impacts on the environment as caused by jet trails. Never mind that some of these have known causes (such as acid rain, drought, etc.) She states “man-made” over and over with no documentation of how she knows this and speaks in vague generalities. And her cloud pictures look like what I’ve seen for 55 years. Just normal clouds. What a waste of intelligent people’s time.

  7. How much more do you need to believe in the stuff she is addressing? Paid actors really now that just as dumb to beileve that.This is happening. Look at the cancer rates today look at the strange weather across the globe how can anyone not see the signs.Anyone who diesnt believe Look at a shampoo bottle label what are all those ingredients just in that & yet no we are not being poisioned on purpose come on sick people are big buisness.But no get you a nice cold glass of some ortho or home defence that’s right drink some pesticides you’ll be just fine Its not a poison either.

  8. Silver? Who the hell is spraying silver? Silver is good for you so I am sure its not our criminal government.

  9. It is incredible how plainly blind some people here. During the summer I was with my family at a beach. I was lying in the sun for hours looking at the planes n their trails they left behind, which by the way, was incredibly long n criss crossed patterns. From a laymans perspective, these planes did not exhibit ” normal ” flight patterns. They were criss crossing, flying in a circular patterns. In about 5 hrs time, these ” trails ” became a massive cloud which blocked out most of the sun. I know these werent condensation trails cus NONE of these trails dissipated, but instead morphed into a massive cloud cover. I could no longer see or feel much of the sun’s heat. These trails actually expanded outwards and never once disappeared, instead cumulated. How is this considered ” normal” ?, especially from an average person pov.

  10. I have never seen such a bunch of kooks!! lol!! None- and I mean none of these goofs know anything about aircraft!! No pilot would even consider joining them LOL. Ignorance can play tricks on your mind! The bit of exhaust from a jet engine is cleaner than the fuel of semi’s, tractor or a diesel city buss!! Good grief!! Water vapor forms from a difference in pressure, and contrails are water vapor and a speck of dust! Someone who got a bit excited started a rumor and got everyone worked up. If ANYONE that believed in this would take a jet engine class you wouldn’t sound so…uh.. ignorant! There is a very serious problem with people opening their mouth and knowing nothing of what they are speaking about!!. Oh, and of course there are times where planes and copters are used to spray for mosquitoes, but it is heavily regulated. Does ANYONE think that a public carrier would be involved with an agenda of contaminating the people of this country??? Come on… Do you know how fast this would leak out????? No one in government would put up with this!!! Folks are going to get an ulcer for nothing!!! Take a break!!! Don’t work yourself up so bad!! People are living longer than ever!

  11. Oh give me a break. She’s talking about pollution. That’s her purpose there. Pollution and “global warming.” She’s not talking about the intentional introduction of deadly chemicals into our atmosphere with the intent of killing people slowly to reduce population. Turn on your BRAIN, and stop this dim-witted propaganda.

  12. Reduce photosynthesis and you reduce the consumption of CO2, which should freak-out the global-warming/climate-change nuts. CO2 is the “gas of life”, respired by plants to produce sugar and release OXYGEN.

    Plants are the basis for a healthy food chain – creating the stuff you are able to EAT!
    Plants are the basis of our healthy atmosphere – releasing the oxygen so you are able to BREATHE!

    Governments want YOU DEAD. Governments hate YOU, the burden, because YOU consume food, water, air, minerals and those who BUY governments are BETTER THAN YOU; MORE DESERVING THAN YOU.

    Planet Earth was CREATED to support life. God created life and said it is good. Are you in agreement with your Creator, or with those who wish to suck the life out of you and your children?

    It is TIME TO CHOOSE, or you WILL LOSE.

    Choose wisely…

  13. If this doesn’t frighten you then you have a problem. There is talk now of using “chem trails” to administer vaccines. Chem trails are a powerful form of population control. These planes can spray us with anything.

  14. I have presented power point programs on this and have been trying to spread the word since the nineties! The Gov “uses conspiracy theory” label to deny truths they don’t want people to know. This affects our weather, our health and our environment. Thank you for this post on earth day!

  15. For those who still don’t know: “Chemtrails” is the misleading and overused, non-science term for Stratospheric Aerosol Injection; they are the most dramatic and visible manifestation of Climate Engineering and they are having a devastating effect on the biosphere of our Planet as well as the health of millions of people all over the world.

  16. I still wonder but the other day here in the tricities, in WA state.. it was total blue sky around 7 a.m. a few streaks went across the sky, from planes and in about an hour the entire sky was cloudy for the rest of the day.

  17. What proof, sir? I’d love to see some proof. There’s an easy way for you all to do this – get up into the clouds, and get a sample of the water vapor (or whatever you think it is) and then have it tested at numerous, reputable labs. If you’re so sure of your “proof,” then it shouldn’t be a problem to find, or fund, these tests.

    Since most of you on here are more interested in blindly following what other people are saying (especially when they want money for you to read about it), I’m sure my request above won’t have any follow-up except for yelling about how much of a paid shill I am. Good luck in life.

    • Sean, no one has asked me for money in order to read about this or view the numerous videos available. You don’t have to believe, but you should take a look at the information available.

  18. So, did you figure out what company this “Former Defense Industry Technician” worked for? Didn’t think so.

  19. If chemtrails where real, they could not be kept a secret from the public in a way that concensus and empirical evidence could oversee. It is borderline megalomania to belive that just couse you are ignorant, everyone else must be too. If anyone shows me a legit scientist speaking of the matter, saying: these are the undeliable facts that no studies can disprove instead of hearing “you just don’t wanna open your eyes!” from all you foil hats, Id be glad to join your cause. This is intelligence terrorism, creating inbalance and chaos and mental disorder in dumb peoples heads. Dumb people whom so badly want to be smart and be able to tell people how the world really works that they will deny our basic elements to stand by whatever sensationalistic, dogmatic, bullshit that random fear mongers spew out all over the internet.

  20. Global warming:

    A German professor has confirmed what skeptics from Britain to the
    US have long suspected: that NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies has
    largely invented “global warming” by tampering with the raw temperature
    data records.

    Professor Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert is a retired geologist and data
    computation expert. He has painstakingly examined and tabulated all NASA
    GISS’s temperature data series, taken from 1153 stations and going back to
    1881. His conclusion: that if you look at the raw data, as opposed to NASA’s
    revisions, you’ll find that since 1940 the planet has been cooling, not

    According to Günter Ederer, the German journalist who has reported on
    Ewert’s findings:

    From the publicly available data, Ewert made an unbelievable discovery:
    Between the years 2010 and 2012 the data measured since 1881 were altered so
    that they showed a significant warming, especially after 1950. […] A comparison
    of the data from 2010 with the data of 2012 shows that NASA-GISS had
    altered its own datasets so that especially after WWII a clear warming appears
    – although it never existed.

    Apart from Australia, the planet has in fact been on a cooling trend:

    Using the NASA data from 2010 the surface temperature globally from 1940
    until today has fallen by 1.110°C, and since 2000 it has fallen 0.4223°C […].
    The cooling has hit every continent except for Australia, which warmed by
    0.6339°C since 2000. The figures for Europe: From 1940 to 2010, using the data
    from 2010, there was a cooling of 0.5465°C and a cooling of 0.3739°C since

    But the activist scientists at NASA GISS – initially led by James Hansen
    (pictured above), later by Gavin Schmidt – wanted the records they are in
    charge of maintaining to show warming not cooling, so they began systematically
    adjusting the data for various spurious reasons using ten different methods.

    The most commonly used ones were:

    • Reducing the annual mean in the early phase.

    • Reducing the high values in the first warming phase.

    • Increasing individual values during the second warming phase.

    • Suppression of the second cooling phase starting in 1995.

    • Shortening the early decades of the datasets.

    • With the long-term datasets, even the first century was shortened.

    Ewert’s findings echo that of US meteorologists Joseph D’Aleo and Anthony
    Watts who examined 6,000 NASA weather stations and found a host of
    irregularities both with the way they were sited and how the raw data had been
    adjusted to reflect such influences as the Urban Heat Island effect.

    Britain’s Paul Homewood is also on NASA GISS’s case. Here he shows
    the shocking extent of the adjustments they have made to a temperature record
    in Brazil which has been altered so that a cooling trend becomes a warming

    Unadjusted temperature record: shows cooling trend.

  21. The following remarks are from S. Fred Singer an Atmospheric
    Physicist. He is Professor of Emeritus of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia and has served as the founding
    director of the U.S. Weather Satellite Service. This was in a New York City news paper in 2009. Dr. S. Fred Singer, is one
    of the world’s most respected and widely published experts on climate. He knows far more about climate change than
    Obama, Gore and for sure Bernie Sanders and Hillary.


    The single most important issue is whether climate change is
    natural or human-caused. In principle, both options are plausible. But we know
    climate changes naturally, on times scales of decades and centuries.

    So which is more important: the human release of gases or
    natural cycles? One cannot go by the majority view–science does not work like

    We cannot use the fact that there is a rough correlation
    between temperature increase and increase in CO2. During much of the 20th
    century, from 1940 to 1975, the climate cooled while CO2 levels rose. And
    during the past decade climate has again been cooling in spite of the rise in

    The answer is to look at the pattern of warming trends and
    see if it agrees with what models predict. The models all predict the existence
    of a “hot spot” — a maximum warming trend in the tropical region.
    The observations from weather balloons show the opposite result, a slight cooling trend. This disagreement
    between calculated and observed fingerprints of temperature trends is the
    strongest argument against any appreciable human contribution to climate.


    It might make a lot more sense to draw a correlation between
    man-made carbon dioxide levels and the rising temperatures if the temperatures
    hadn’t decreased in the last decade.

    “The Earth’s climate has always alternated between
    warming and cooling phases,” said William Happer, who served the
    Department of Energy under former President George H. W. Bush. “In the
    medieval warming period, when the Norse settled Greenland,
    the Earth warmed as fast or faster that it has since the 1800’s. What should
    world governments have done in the year 900 A.D., when people noticed that the
    climate was warming and the ice was melting in southern Greenland?”

    Studies show that average global temperatures have decreased
    as much as 0.2 degrees Celsius over the last ten years—-just as human
    activity is thought to be taking its biggest toll on the planet’s climate.

    The decrease is small, to be sure, but, say skeptics, it
    disproves the argument that rising man-made CO2 levels are the driving force
    behind global warming.

  22. Unless these idiots have a way to reduce the solar flares
    from the sun, they cannot stop global warming. THAT is what is causing warming
    on all the planets in the solar system.

    Climate scientist have studied the warming have found that
    the climate changes in thirty to forty year cycles and coincide with solar
    flare activity.

  23. What is her degrees in? Does she actually have any education in what she is talking about or is she just repeating what someone else has told her?

  24. Our Gobermut wouldn’t lie to us, would they????? Lets see, i guess the trail of tears was a hoax. The slaughter of over 250 Native Americans mostly women and children is a lie (Wounded Knee). They didn’t execute LaVoy Finicun. They didn’t execute innocent women and children in Waco,Texas either. What about Ruby Ridge??? That false also???? How Many AMERICANS can they kill until people pull their heads out of their asses? This small group of sub humans are killing us off and we sit and do nothing. LIEberals are a cancer on our Nation. You can believe it or not but chemtrails are as real as that big fat nose on your faces. The non believers are scared little pussies. They don’t want the truth because it hurts.Income Taxes are illegal and we all know it. Try to stop paying them and see what happens. ALL of you Gobermut ass kissers i hope will be the first to go.

  25. So the “government” is doing this?

    If I believe it is not a conspiracy I am a “sheep?”

    What you’re saying is the people that sponsor and execute these aluminium, barium, lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium, and silver laden chemtrails are subjecting themselves to Neurological effects, heart damage, eyesight issues, reproduction failures, immune system damage, gastrointestinal disorders, damaged kidney, damaged liver, hormonal problems, and more…?

    So logic begs, who are these insane secret government organization folks with a long, slow death wish doing this for? Satan? The reptilian humanoids from the Galactic Frieza Army?

    If you’re going to commit to the conspiracy theory angle then you REALLY need to commit. You cant just give a “the government is doing it” and sit back, pleased with your outing of such a large scale conspiracy. Most conspiracy theories, as far as I’m aware, involve some beneficial aspects to the perpetrator(s) and not just a life riddled with pain and complicated medical issues as the reward.
    Or, maybe, just maybe, the mere human patsies in charge of the chemtrail operations (that are on such a gigantic scale as to warrant so much attention but to go virtually unprovable by the outsiders because people never talk and leave hard evidence) receive some sort of immunity from said evil overlords?….

  26. BS! When somebody talks reasonably, they’re called paid shills? If somebody talks crazy and delusional then they’re called right & sane? That’s moronic. You deserve the prize for stupidity. Here’s yours: ( Y )

    • Why would you call ignorance talking reasonably? More than 50 years ago in our local newspaper in Redondo Beach, CA was the first admission I saw about weather modification. At the time, we were constantly bombarded by media talk of the scare of the USSR… but the newspaper article talked about the joint USA and USSR weather modification programs. Computers and science have advanced so far in 50 years… how far has weather modification… and what don’t they tell us?

  27. The first time I saw a mention to US & joint USSR weather modification programs was in the newspaper around 1965… I never thought anything about it then as I had just entered my teenage years.

    • They’re called contrails, not chemtrails. I see the diamond pattern overhead where I live when the conditions allow for it, thanks to the criss-crossing air traffic routes. Sometimes as many as two dozen contrails visible at once. If the chemtrail theory was correct, I’d be dead by now 🙂

  28. The speech was made in 2007, not a shred of evidence has been produced to confirm Mrs. Petterson’s claims.

  29. I hate the U.N. and their Globalist agenda. Obama and the rest of his Liberal Left Wing minions are determined to enslave the entire country and the world under the United Nations.

  30. A good researcher is always a skeptic until the evidence before them is utterly irrefutable and even then, maybe.
    Postinh a video where some womam ‘admits’ to something is as much a ‘chemtrail’ proof as a literal fart in the wind.
    If you want to collect some ‘actual’ evidence then get some weather balloons and see if you cant fly them INTO one of your devil ‘chemtrails’ and gather samples for a real lab analysis.
    If you find anything other than ozone, water, carbon oxides and nitrogen oxides above trace amounts then you have something, otherwise your hypotheses is shite.

    So many idiots in this world….

  31. Great writing – Coincidentally , others are requiring a hospital discharge summary form , my kids discovered a fillable document here https://goo.gl/9EvfwB.

  32. If you wanted to observe the chemtrails in effect, you should have lived in Norway the last 4 decades. In these years the chemtrail spreading over larges areas of this country ha increased manyfold. The good summer weather has disappeared from the country. There are not any day any more with a clear blue sky. The Norwegian population has become steadily more dull and apathic mentally,., All kind of neurological, respiratory, allergic and degenerative afflictions have rised allarmingly , as well as certain cancer types. Norway has become one of the sickest nations in the world. There are virtually not any really healthy child or teenager in Norway any more.

  33. When a jet engine is spewing out hot, humid air into an atmosphere that is cold and has low vapor pressure, the result is condensation. The water vapor coming out of the engine quickly condenses into water droplets and then crystallizes into ice. The ice crystals are the clouds that form behind the engine. This is why the streaks are called contrails, short for “condensation trails.” To help explain it, scientists liken it to seeing your breath on cold days. You may have noticed that puffs of breath dissipate quickly on drier days. The same is true of contrails: When the atmosphere is more humid, the contrails linger, but when the atmosphere is dry, the contrails disappear more quickly.

  34. What we need is a long overdue revolution and then Patriots can set the chemtrail team on fire, one at a time, in public, as their execution.

  35. Markbuehner, name calling is a sure sign you are bleeding heart liberal. It is the only way they know how to respond to the truth. You would have to live under a rock not to see the tic tac toe patterns in the sky on a daily basis. Instead of name calling how about some hard evidence this woman does not belong to a group of people in this organization but is the soul member and the things she is saying are things she says to entertain people! My guess is you are a government card carrier!


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