UK Church Leaders Warn PM Vaccine Passports Are ‘Most Dangerous Policy Proposal Ever Made’

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Over 1,200 church leaders have urged UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to introduce ‘dangerous’ Covid vaccine passports because they are an “unethical form of coercion”.

In an open letter, hundreds of Christian clergy, including Anglican and Catholic ministers, warn that the passports could create a “surveillance state” and bring about the end of liberal democracy”.

The British government claims it is reviewing whether to use vaccine certificates and that no decisions have been taken yet

BBC reports: The UK equality watchdog says passports could create a “two-tier society”.

Government ministers have said that certificates would allow people to show if they have been vaccinated, had a negative test or had natural immunity from a confirmed infection in the previous six months.

A government spokesperson said: “We are considering a range of evidence around Covid-status certification and whether it may have a role in opening up higher risk settings safely. The review is ongoing and no decisions have been taken.”

As restrictions ease, certificates could play a role in reopening theatres, nightclubs and mass events like festivals, plus allow social distancing to be relaxed in hospitality venues.

But in the open letter to the prime minister, church leaders warned that introducing the passports would create a “medical apartheid”.

“This scheme has the potential to bring about the end of liberal democracy as we know it and to create a surveillance state in which the government uses technology to control certain aspects of citizens’ lives,” the letter said.

“As such, this constitutes one of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in the history of British politics.”

The church leaders said that, regardless of the government’s final decision, they would not refuse entry to their churches to anybody without a vaccine passport – or any other certificate which they have labelled “proof of health”.

The open letter invited “leaders in churches of Christian organisations” from the UK to sign the letter, with copies going to the prime minister, leaders of the devolved governments and all MPs.

The government’s suggestion of vaccine certificates has united MPs from all sides of the Commons, with No 10 facing criticism from those in both Conservative and opposition parties.

More than 70 MPs railed against the plan earlier this month, arguing that demanding medical proof in order to take part in local community life, such as going to the pub, was discriminatory and divisive.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said he was “very worried” vaccine passports could lead to discrimination against people who have not received a jab.

And Tory MP Steve Baker labelled such certificates a “ghastly trap” that unfairly penalise those advised not to have a vaccine.


  1. The Olympians want their tracker passports and are not going to take no for an answer. They are going to become reality whether we want them or not and when the FBI states they will arrest anyone who presents fake documents, it has already been ordained. Now it is just a matter of when, non if.

    • And how stupid are those religious colonies? As if we havent had a surveillance state for as long as theyve had passports Were under total surveillance all the time anyway The civid passports just make Health Authorities the scientists, the new Boss That’s all .Its a new way to disguise TOTALITARIANISM as health care

      • Loonies I typed loonies not colonies .And they are loonies too thinking anyone believes they’re really Christian’s. Only some old women in black and a few really dumb kids might

    • Yes from inside the churchs and actually to be honest inside every religion really They only dont attack the church of Satan Never .

      • Theres almost half the world as Christian either catholic or Protestants Around 3 billion people The first attack cane by dividing them into protestant fragments Then like the Church of England was broken up into national separate entities that had the same name but arent affiliated as one church at all .Things mist people dont know. Then theres high anglicans, ple ty of them, and low Anglicans ,we all know those .Like now theres all fragments of Judaosm too old school new school gay school high school low school etcetera And that stre Athens rhe Catholics position by dividing the enemy .Islam’s into two groups three really with Saudis included and then fragmented into gay and non gay and musical and job musical Alk the divisions to weaken and divide All infiltrated from tbe top down .All from the sane source too .Guess who .?

  2. As if they give a rats arse about what the church thinks REALLY .Just lip service to deceive the sheep .And frankly the Churches ,all of them too , are so corrupted they’re not worth trusting as far as you could kick St Peter’s Cathedral into orbit .

  3. The talking heads pretend they care because of discrimination and hardship against those without the injections – but that’s just advertising for the injections really. What is really at stake is the all-seeing state having total surveillance over everything you do, not by crafty spying but by you waving your scanner device at every checkpoint. How long before we have to scan to leave the house? Scan when we come home? Scan when we open the fridge or take a dump?

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