Vatican Judge: ‘Gates & Soros Are Using COVID To Usher In The New World Order’

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Vatican judge slams Gates and Soros for trying to take total control of the world under the guise of Covid

A Vatican judge has sparked controversy by claiming that the coronavirus pandemic has been used by George Soros and Bill Gates to usher in the ‘New World Order.’

The Chinese coronavirus pandemic has sparked “chaos” and “turmoil” which has been orchestrated by the elites to “snatch an opportunity to bring people in line,” Gerhard Ludwig Mueller said in an interview with Austria’s St. Boniface Institute last week.

The New World Order are using the pandemic and the draconian restrictions put in place by the government’s they control to take “total control” and establish a global “surveillance state,” he added. reports: The St. Boniface published a video showing a small part of the interview and the cardinal has since confirmed to the German dpa news agency that the footage is genuine.

People, who sit on the throne of their wealth,” see an “opportunity to push through their agenda,” the cardinal said, naming Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, billionaire George Soros and the head of the Davos Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, among those behind the alleged global control scheme.

The cardinal then accused the global financial elites of an attempt to bring forth “a new man” created “in their own image and likeness,” adding that he would not wish such a fate on himself. “That has nothing to do with democracy,” the former Regensburg bishop, who once headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said.

The cardinal’s statements, which only recently surfaced in the media, sparked a wave of criticism from German media outlets, which quickly branded his words “conspiracy theories.”

Some experts invited by Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine and other media said his words can be interpreted as a comparison between the actions of the modern government and those of the Nazis, whose crimes are thus “played down.” They also said that a mere mention of Soros in such a context can be seen as anti-Semitic.

The Vatican has not commented on Mueller’s statements. The German Bishops’ Conference initially only pointed to their call on people to get vaccinated. Later, the conference spokesman, Matthias Kopp, said on Twitter he was astonished by Mueller’s words and added that the cardinal apparently made such statements “as a private person.”

Mueller himself told the dpa in an email that he rejects the logic under which anyone who “criticizes the financial elite … is automatically on the wrong side.” He also once again pointed to the “illegitimate influence” exerted by the “super-rich elites in various countries.” 


  1. Here’s one of life’s strange coincidences.
    The World Military Games were held in Wuhan, China one month before the outbreak of the virus.

    Then, throw into the mix that the CDC shutdown the coronavirus research at Fort Detrick, for their lack of safety protocols. Just saying.

    • “They’re all on it together” Princess Diana. The HSBC is owned by the Bank of England. England set up the downfall of the Chinese Royal family and together with the Jesuit who entered China in the 1600s subverted the country and turned them into the slaves of Western imperialism and capitalism by reducing them into communism.

  2. The Vatican is the New World Order that’s why Obomo declared the Pope the Moral Authority for rule of law, and he means of the Uniivetse Catholic means Universal. Its the Universal Church The Roman Universal Church. But they’re so secretive it’s like freemasonry where only the top actors really even know, or think they know, what rhe whole secretive society is really up to. In the Catholic operation the oy people who know are the Cardinals living in. Vatican City and then the Pope once he’s been installed and had a few months to actually figure out what’s going on. Thats why they often get killed when they’ve picked the wrong actor who they thought knew the game plan but because its a so secret, didn’t realise he wasn’t on board un til he was Pope.Erc etc etc.

  3. The only thing that legally brings people into line, as he describes it, is the rule of law. And clearly Obomo was brought into line, and most likely by members of the Knights of Columbus, operating in District of Columbus, serving the Spanish King,to announce, as not even a Catholic himself and a democratic President, allegedly, that the Pope is Supreme over Al of We the people as the Moral Authority for rule of law. And he would have been told he was to announce it He would have been ordered to say it.

  4. The vatican and illuminati families that oversee freemasonry are using covid amongst other things to bring society to utter chaos. Then they can bring in their one world government and antichrist to lead the world religion (religion will be blamed for the coming middle east war) . The old loving Christian way (not represented by many churches now) must fall to pave way for the new luciferian way. Lots of manipulated “global” threats these days, where it leads is a “global response” that was always desired by the satanic kingpins. A totalitarian technological one world government under the man of sin.

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