Kate Middleton Fears Being Killed Off In Diana Style Car Accident

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Kate Middleton is living in fear for her life and believes she will be killed in a car accident in an eerily similar manner to the late Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton is living in fear for her life and believes she will be killed in a car accident, a family friend has revealed. Queen Elizabeth told the Dutchess that her “purpose has been served” after the birth of her second child, leaving her stunned and fearing that she will be “killed off” in an eerily similar manner to Princess Diana.

  • Kate Middleton fears the Queen wants her dead
  • She is obsessed with Diana’s car crash and is convinced she will be killed the same way
  • Kate’s nurse Jacintha Saldanha did not commit suicide; she was murdered “to teach Kate a lesson”
  • The Queen thinks the Middletons are “tacky” and preferred the Spencers

It is understood the Queen made the comment about Kate having served her purpose directly after the birth of Princess Charlotte, confirming for Kate fears that had been gnawing at her for the last three years. Kate has been isolated by the Royal family, and made to feel she is “crazy” for “obsessing over Diana’s death”.

Social etiquette dictates that Kate cannot even complain to friends that her situation is less than ideal. Before she can explain that she believes her life is in peril, she is cut off abruptly, told to stop moping and moaning, and reminded that she accepted a Royal life and all that it entails. She is routinely told she simply must get on with it.

Kate is a traditionalist and wanted to do things properly, her friend claims, however it was only after the wedding, and in particular during her pregnancy with her first child George, that Kate began to understand exactly what the Royals, particularly Queen Elizabeth, were demanding of her.

“Kate’s nurse did not commit suicide,” the confidant claims, referring to Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse at the King Edward VII hospital who died in 2012. “Kate opened up to her and told her some frightening secrets. Kate was lonely and hadn’t spoken to anybody from the outside for months. They had the nurse killed to keep her quiet and to teach Kate a lesson. Now she won’t talk to anybody for fear she’s putting them in grave danger.”

Kate wears Princess Diana’s engagement ring inherited by William after the death of his mother in 1997. It comprises a 12-carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds set in 18-carat white gold, but the Royal bling provides Kate with no solace. This “cursed ring” only serves to remind Kate that “she’s next.”

“She firmly believes her head is next on the chopping block.”

The Duchess considers the ring to be symbolic of the situation she has found herself in. Gilded and glorious on first glance, but tragic and soaked in death upon closer inspection.

“She hates that ring. She’d love to be able to flog it – it’s worth an absolute fortune – and use the money to flee with her children to South America where she would undergo cosmetic surgery to become unrecognisable and live a safe, quiet life. She wants nothing more than to live to a ripe old age and get to know her grandchildren. When it’s pointed out how unrealistic this escape plan is, she becomes morbid and doesn’t talk for days.”

It is understood that William and Kate’s marital difficulties are related to her inability to discuss her fears with her husband. William refuses to entertain them, and won’t hear a word said against his grandmother. He told Kate she was crazy on the one occasion she opened up to him.

The 34-year-old mother-of-two is increasingly worried about Queen Elizabeth’s opinion, especially since the monarch announced she finds the Middletons “tacky,” and “much worse than the Spencers.”

“The Queen knows that Kate is deeply uncomfortable with a lot of Royal secrets, and look what happened to Diana when she found out too much. Kate is a smart girl, maybe too smart. She thinks past behaviour is the best indicator of future behaviour – and look what they did to Diana.”