Bill Gates Says Conspiracies About Him, Vaccines & 5G Are ‘Crazy’ & We Must Eat Fake Meat To Save Planet

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Bill Gates

During an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Reddit, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has again dismissed as “crazy” the so called conspiracy theories about himself, 5G and the coronavirus vaccines.

Gates, who has invested in a new kind of lab grown meat, also took the opportunity to promote the virtues of synthetic meat as well as his new book about climate change.

RT reports: Gates fielded questions from Redditors during the online Q&A on Friday, doing his best to hawk his latest volume on climate change in the process. However, it didn’t take long before netizens pressed him on conspiracy-minded allegations that he is involved in a shadowy plot to implant microchips in unwitting vaccine recipients.  

“I am innocent!” Gates protested, adding “The whole thing about 5G and microchips is pretty crazy. Why would I want to do that?” 

Gates later said “fake news” and “disinformation” online is a “huge issue,” observing that “Some false information is more interesting than the truth so digital channels seem to magnify echo chambers with bad facts.”

The billionaire also took the opportunity to extol the virtues of synthetic meat, promoting it in several different replies as a “green product” and a way to reduce one’s “carbon footprint.” He has repeatedly hailed artificial meats in the past, recently suggesting that “all rich countries” ought to move to “100-percent synthetic beef.”

“You can get used to the taste difference,” Gates told an interviewer last month, in a slightly off-putting endorsement.

Addressing a question about population growth and its effect on climate change – another area where theories about Gates run rampant – the former Microsoft exec said that “fortunately,” growth slows “when countries improve health and get to middle income levels.”

“So we should help moderate population growth with aid for health, education and good governance,” he went on, forecasting that the world population would peak at 10 billion so long as world powers are “generous to the poorest countries.”

He later hinted at apocalyptic consequences if climate change is not tackled, saying “We won’t be able to support a large population if it gets a lot warmer” while predicting an massive outflow of migration from areas made “unlivable” by the rising temperatures.


    • When you live in Sodom and Gomorah you get brimstone and fire. Nations that abort millions of babies and live in rebellion to Gods YHVH commandments get the edge of sword and ruled by their enemies. See Babylonian captivity of Judah under Nebucannezar for example

    • Christian – I am hopeful God will soon see the ‘flaw’ in this monster’s origin and this monster even breathing . I forgive God. I pray for his strength and knowledge to please save the people that see
      what HE may not see yet. He WILL be able to do something for us all, I just pray it is sooner, rather
      than later. Peace.

  1. the total atmosphere weighs 5.5 quadrillion tons. Bill learned well from the book “how to lie with statistics” 55 billion tons is less than a drop in the bucket. what an satanic deceiver this clown is. But what is really heart breaking is people think whatever this guy says, it is true and somehow intelligent. This guy wants you not to live long, he wants you to live a short life, and uncomfortable life.

  2. the total atmosphere weighs 5,500,000,000,000,000 tons. vs his 55,000,000,000. then he does not talk about the natural processes of osmosis, diffusion, photosynthesis. atmospheric composition and how the composition has remained exactly the same since the composition of the atmosphere was discovered. we are still at .04% CO2, it has not changed at all. Just has not changed. So what his the fuss all about?
    It is about torturing the people with scary lies and leading them to a planned genocide.

  3. Absolute rubbish Everyone knows global death rates showed no increase from 2019 to 2020 .Therefore the pandemic is a BIG LIE And therefore so is everything g else that comes with it ,from lockdown to masks to vaccines to passports And so the so called conspiracy theories are the BIG TRUTH .

  4. We dont need to eat repulsive fake meat .We dont need to eat meat .I havent eaten dead animals for decades or drunk blood .
    We can eat roots and berries and mushrooms and vegetables (if you must ) and some fruit sometimes Seasonal .Apart from that we can breads and cheeses and scones and oatmeal .And drunk good water That’s all you need And we dont need read crap books either .

  5. I always wondered. If they are so devotedly earnest about that depopulation is so needy, why don’t they all just start by all killing themselves, it’s a win win. They will be happy with less people in the world, and all the rest of normal humankind forced to swallow this Satanism will finally be free of it!!

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