Biden Is ‘Quite Busy’ – Rejects Debate With Putin

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Unsurprisingly, the White House rejected an invitation from Russian Presient Vladimir Putin to have Joe Biden join him in a live online debate.

White House press secreatry Jen Psaki quickly shut down Putin’s request to hold a public conversation saying the commander-in-chief was “quite busy.”

Pressed about Putin’s request, Psaki said her boss wouldn’t be available over the weekend, and told reporters: “I don’t have anything to report to you in terms of a future meeting.

Earlier this week Biden called Putin a killer with “no soul” and promised that he would soon “pay a price” for allegedly interfering in the 2020 US presidential election. Putin responded by wishing Biden good health and challenging the US president to a public debate on issues dividing the two nations.

RT reports: Despite Biden’s apparent comfort in trash-talking the Russian president with ABC host George Stephanopoulos in the comfort of the network’s studios on Thursday, the American leader became suddenly elusive when Putin offered him a chance to air his grievances in a live debate.

Indeed, Biden’s about-face was so quick – and so uncharacteristic for a man who was supposedly willing to call out the leader of one of the US’ chief geostrategic rivals as a soulless “killer” – that many of Biden’s detractors suggested the man had gotten cold feet, afraid of what Putin might do to him.

Biden was “scared” of Putin, critics jeered, dubbing the Democrat #ChickenJoe.


  1. ….quite busy trying to decide what flavor of pudding to have before he goes to bed at 7 pm each night. Maybe Putin should be debating President Harris as Biden likes to call her….

  2. What happened to his broken ankle/ ankle bracelet for being a pedovore? This clone is f**** ed up. Bring on the Mark V clones for christ sake! This is American we deserver the best clones!

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