Student Union Bans White Students From Black History Month Events At Westminster University

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The University of Westminster’s student union has been accused of “racial segregation” after banning white students from taking part in Black History Month events.

The student union told students that some events will be “reserved for black students to encourage a safe space for discussions and honest conversations”.

MSN reports: In an email to students it did not specify which events would be restricted in the programme of talks, film screenings and dance nights.

Dr Neil Thin, a social anthropology lecturer at Edinburgh University, said it was “tragic” to see a UK university “copying the racial segregationism that we have previously seen in South African and USA education systems”.

He added: “It is bitterly ironic to see the rhetoric of ‘safe spaces’ abused to justify racial segregation. Nothing is more likely to make social spaces unsafe than this kind of wilful sowing of interethnic suspicion and division.”

Sir John Hayes, a Conservative MP, said he was concerned about “how sinister it is that such ideas can be propagated in a free and open society”. He called for an investigation into any potential discrimination.

The student union has told students that some events will be ‘reserved for black students’ © Provided by The Telegraph

Toby Young, of the Free Speech Union said: “At some point, you’d think it would be clear to these zealots that you’re not going to reduce racial discrimination by discriminating against people on the basis of their race, but they’re so blinded by ideological groupthink they cannot see this glaring contradiction.”

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