Reports: U.S. Armored Vehicles Entering Syria From Jordanian Border

Fact checked

Reports from Lebanon and Syria say that the U.S. armored vehicles are entering Syria via the Jordanian border.

Sarah Abdallah, an independent journalist based in Lebanon reports that at least 20 U.S. armored vehicles have poured across the Jordanian border into Syria.

At the moment it remains unclear as to what is actually going on. It may be just another a routine illegal incursion…

According to other reports US and Jordanian forces entered Syria to rescue US backed rebels that were reportedly surrounded by ISIS.

Coincidentally, President Trumps anti-Assad stance came during a visit with the King of Jordan just a day before the  missile strike on Syria.

Activist Post reports:

Some suggest that the vehicles may simply yet another illegal American incursion into Syria of the routine variety, a prospect that is dangerous enough given current circumstances. However, there is also the possibility that the vehicles are part of something much larger such as an invasion of Syria by the United States, thus putting the U.S. in direct odds and likely military confrontation with both Syrian and Russian forces.

As of yet, there is no clear reason being cited for the incursion.

The Syrian-Jordanian border is located in Southern Syria. Jordan has long supported terrorist forces but to a much less televised extent than that of Saudi Arabia, Israel, U.A.E., Turkey, and Qatar. The incursion comes shortly after a U.S. unilateral attack was launched against the Syrian military in support of ISIS and related terror organizations under the guise of revenge for civilians killed in a gas attack that was questionable to say the least. To date, there has been absolutely no evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against civilians.

If confirmed, this new incursion adds yet another dangerous dimension to the conflict in Syria that could embroil the world in a major conflict.