Sandy Hook Judge Orders Killers Files To Be Made ‘Top Secret’

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Sandy Hook judge orders killers files to be sealed from public view

A Superior Court Judge has ruled that documents seized from the home of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza will remain sealed, meaning that the public and media will never get a chance to find out what they contain. 

Judge Carl J. Schuman overturned a ruling by the state Freedom of Information Commission ordering the release of the records. reports:

Schuman concluded that state statutes requiring the return of seized property supersede the state’s open-records law and shield such records from disclosure.

The Freedom of Information Act, he ruled, does not apply to “documents that were private property before seizure by the police and that a court would ordinarily order returned to the rightful owner by the end of a criminal case.”

The case involved dozens of documents seized by police from the home Lanza share with his mother, including handwritten notes, a spiral-bound book written by Lanza titled “The Big Book of Granny” that contained violent themes, and a spreadsheet maintained by Lanza detailing mass murders, including the name of the killer, the number of victims killed and injured, and the weapons used. The Courant requested the records from the state police, and filed a complaint with the Freedom of Information Commission when the records were not produced.

“We are disappointed in the decision and are currently assessing our options,” said Andrew S. Julien, publisher and editor-in-chief of The Courant.

Schuman acknowledged that seized records might be disclosed to a criminal defendant or made public during a trial, but noted that those disclosures are mandated by constitutional requirements. When a criminal case is resolved without a trial, he wrote, records obtained through a search warrant should remain confidential.

Although Lanza killed himself the day of the shooting and no one else has raised a privacy concern or claimed an ownership interest in the records, Schuman said he was required to draft a ruling that would cover situations that don’t present the “unusual circumstances” of the Lanza case.

“Future cases will undoubtedly involve this sort of involuntary seizure of a victim’s diary or other personal notes, a person’s phone records, computer or email communications, bank records, medical records, business records, and other items,” Schuman wrote. “Exposure of these items to the public when the state has not seen a need to do so in the criminal case entails a significant invasion of the owner’s privacy and interference with his or her property rights.”

Schuman ruled that it would be “illogical” to suggest that the legislature, in enacting laws related to the return of seized property, intended property owners to have an absolute right to the return of nondocumentary property, such as clothing or money. “However, if that evidence takes documentary form, the owner loses that right and the public, in the [Freedom of Information Commission’s] view, will have a right to copy and read it under the act,” Schuman wrote. “There does not seem to be a logical reason for this distinction in the treatment of seized private property.”

Lanza killed his mother the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, then drove to the Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he killed 20 children and six educators before fatally shooting himself.

The attorney general’s office, which argued the appeal on behalf of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, declined comment on Schuman’s ruling. Officials with the Freedom of Information Commission did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


  1. It was a false flag attack and there was a drill of the same thing twenty minutes away. Standard false flag operation procedure.

  2. It was a false flag attack and there was a drill of the same thing twenty minutes away. Standard false flag operation procedure.

  3. This is just like Obama’s records! We The People have a right to know the Truth. Apparently the facts do not support the Libtard Narrative. Time to flush the Left out of the USA. They are a sickness.

  4. This is just like Obama’s records! We The People have a right to know the Truth. Apparently the facts do not support the Libtard Narrative. Time to flush the Left out of the USA. They are a sickness.

  5. OF course if this breaks down the next one is 911 and then we would really see political change 911 truth will free AMERICA.

  6. This was all done unilaterally to hide what isn’t there to begin with.  It’s corrupted legislation falsely hidden in the name of “privacy”  to keep the truth away from critical thinkers that can obviously see that this bullshit was all a fraud.  If it were not any fraud, there would NOT have been obfuscated requests of simple records regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School’s records of proof of being in operation or the issuing of false police camera footage.  This sort of stuff is not hurting anyone in the slightest.  There is more evidence that it really did not happen than did.  The alleged victim’s parents had no long term established residency in the Newtown area.  Most if not all have since moved away. This DOES NOT Happen in the real world.  The lies and twisted statements from people that are dumbass actors that can’t even act in the first place and are also seen in other instances as the Boston Bombing.  Wake the hell up sheeple!  Demand answers!  There would never have been police running a retired school safety expert out of town for simply wanting to help with safety procedures so that if the next even were to take place , the school system could be prepared.  That was a red flag as well as a slap in the face to all who allegedly died and yet this entitles alleged parents to totally send damnation and hell fire toward anyone asking questions when they did it by refusing any help to prevent this tragedy from happening again.
    Able child organization was refused any information in hopes that the alleged Adam Lanza medication info would be disclosed to help to prevent another Adam Lanza. They were refused any information.   Humanity will not survive if this sort of fraud continues folks.  It is not possible.  It’s been proven to not be possible.  The millions of dollars these fraudulent people have received in the name of their alleged deceased child is a discrace to collect millions.  It’s disgusting and wreaks of fraud!  The refusal to disclose helpful information to help put an end to this type of terror from a young man and his mental illnesses coupled with an individual being refused any chance to see how their school system could be safer goes to show you how this was all a fabricated fraud and justice needs to be served. 

  7. Just proof that the whole thing was a false flag. just like parkland, the bar shooting in california, full of crisis actors. the conspiracy nuts got is all right.

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