Anonymous Names Cops Involved In Violent Arrest Where Man Dies In Jail

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Anonymous has struck again, this time naming the police officers responsible for the brutal attack on a man they were arresting.

The man later died while in custody, causing outrage in the Philadelphia area.

According to an article published by The Hill:

The hacking collective known as Anonymous posted the names of two New Jersey cops involved in a violent arrest that apparently resulted in a man’s death.

The two officers, now on administrative leave from the Vineland Police Department, were caught on video March 31 in the process of arresting 32-year-old Phillip White.
The officers, who punched White and ordered a police dog to attack him, have been criticized for their violence against the seemingly defenseless man. The police said White resisted arrest and tried to take an officer’s gun.

“This is absolutely grotesque behavior displayed by the police department,” Anonymous said in a video posted Tuesday.

The hacking group had threatened to release the officers’ names and personal information unless the police department took certain steps to address the incident within 24 hours, including releasing dashboard camera footage from March 31.

“We will also begin cyberattacks on your websites and databases until our demands are met,” the video stated.

On Wednesday, Anonymous released the officers’ names: Louis Platania and Rich Janasiak. The group also named Officer Jeffrey Travaline, who had asked a bystander recording the scene for his cellphone.

White’s death is likely to spur further debate over police use of force in arresting black men. A string of deaths of unarmed black men around the country has brought the issue to the fore.

The latest episode garnered national headlines on Tuesday night after The New York Times posted cellphone footage of a white, North Charleston, S.C., police officer shooting an unarmed black man as he fled. The man, Walter Scott, died of his wounds.

In Vineland, police released information about the Phillip White arrest on Tuesday, including audio of a 911 call, police communications and the names of two officers involved, according to the South Jersey Times.

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