New California Law Allows Transgender Inmates to Choose Prison Based on ‘Gender Identity’

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Gov. Gavin Newsom signs new law allowing transgender inmates in California to choose prison based on their gender identity

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a new law on Saturday allowing transgender inmates to be placed in prisons based on the gender they choose to identify as.

Men and women were previously placed in same-sex separate correctional facilities, while transgender inmates were housed based on their biological sex.

But the new radical law will allow transgender inmates to choose their prison based on their gender identity rather than their biological sex. reports: The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation cannot deny requests solely because of inmates’ anatomy, sexual orientation or “a factor present” among other inmates at the facility, the law says. 

Requests can be denied, however, because of a “management or security concerns.” If a request is denied, the state must give the inmate a “meaningful opportunity” to object. If inmates raise concerns about their health or safety, the law says the state must reassess.

The law also requires officers to address transgender inmates based on the pronouns of their choice. And it requires officers to search inmates based on the search policy of their gender identity.

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